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We know incontinence can be a delicate subject, that is why we sell Incontinence products online so you can research and purchase from the comfort of your home and have them shipped discreetly to your door in a courier box or bag.   What is Urinary Incontinence      Types of incontinence      Incontinence Definitions      Incontinence Products
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What is Urinary Incontinence

Basically this is urinating involuntarily rather then you need to go. It can occur during stressful times, pregnancy or due to a number of medical conditions.  It really impact the way you live your life, so it is good there are a number of incontinence products to help make living with incontinence easier.

Types of incontinence:

  • While stress is a common factor it can also be caused by:
  • An over active bladder
  • Poor closure of the bladder
  • Poor bladder contraction or overflow of the bladder
  • Medical or health products that make it difficult to get to a toilet on time.


1. Stress Incontinence: This is when you can leak a small amount of urine while exercising, sneezing or coughing.
2. Urge Incontinence: This is when you urinate in large quanities at an unexpected time like where you are sleeping.
3. Functional Incontinence: This is when you urinate because of conditions, disabilities or obstacles that prevent you from making it to the toilet in time
4. Overflow Incontinence: This is when you pass a small amount of urine because your bladder is full.
5. Mixed Incontinence: This is when two forms occur like stress and urge incontinence together.
6. Transient Incontinence: A temporary condition where you leak urine because of a condition that will pass (e.g. infections or post-surgery).

Incontinence Products:

  • There is an incontinence product to suit your needs and the level of leaking you experience.
  • Sheets - Incontinence sheets are perfect for individuals with medical conditions or issues while they sleep.
  • Undies - Are made to fit the form of a man or woman and can discreetly replace your normal underwear to give you piece of mind.
  • Strips - can be placed into your underwear as a form of extra protection
  • Liners - are great for light leakage and can easily be placed in your under wear
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