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Self Tanning Products

There is something about a golden natural looking tan that makes you feel instantly fabulous (Not to mention its magical ability to make you look thinner).

We stock a wide range of fake tans from your favourite brands including st moriz, sugarbaby, dove, tan organic, bondi sands, le tan, argania, garnier, coppertone, natio, sunsense, loreal, tan in a can. Look out for new tans on our blog along with fake tanning tips.

You will find a variety of self tanners to suit your needs including mousses, gels, lotions, sprays, instant bronzers and gradual tanning lotions.

Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

5 summer self tanning tips:

Shave, ex-foliate and thoroughly ex-foliate the night before This gives you a smooth canvas and helps avoid itchy irritation spots.

Moisturise your knees, ankles and elbows before apply the tan to avoid clinging on try spots.

When fake tanning your face use a face tanner, be sure to wipe and blend around your eye brows and hairline to remove congealing tan.

Don't choose a tan that is to dark for your current skin tone. You need to work with what you have got, by applying a tan that is to dark the end result can look yellow or dirty or clash with your current skin tone. I

If you are naturally lighter skinned, choose a tan in a lighter colour but put a few coats on, rather then starting with something that is to dark for your skin.
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