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Travel and Sea Sickness

Leaving on a jet plane? Boat or train? Wether its travel supplies you need or something to prevent car and sea sickness we have you covered. Below you will find all the items you need so you can travel comfortably and feel healthy. What is motion sickness? . What is air travel sickness? . What is seasickness? . What is carsickness? . How can motion sickness be prevented? . Product ReviewsPrices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

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What is motion sickness?

Is known under a number of names kinetosis, travel sickness, car, air or seasickness. It is caused by the eyes visually perceiving movement differently to the vestibular system (that controls balance and sense of movement). This can lead to people feeling tired, dizzy or nauseas.

What is air travel sickness?  

Is a type of motion sickness that can occur in an air-plane, it is not as common as car sickness as mostly a traveller seas only the stationary interior of the plane and has small windows, but it may occur if you are seeing moving clouds or the ground out the window.

What is seasickness?

Seasickness is often characterised by waves of nausea when you are out on the water, It is brought on by the rocking of the craft causing vertigo. One natural remedy for supporting against seasickness is ginger. Like travel calm ginger

What is carsickness?

Can occur when looking down at a stationary object while a vehicle goes over bumbs, corners or hills, it effects your inner ears and eyes and can lead to you feeling nauseas, dizzy and unable to concentrate on texting, looking at maps or reading in the car.

How can motion sickness be prevented?

  • Keep motion to a minimum by sitting at front of a car or driving, over the wing of a plane so the wing stays stationary, or on deck in the middle of a boat.
  • Breathe fresh air if possible
  • Close your eyes and try to sleep so objects rushing past are not in your vision
  • Avoid reading books, magazines or staring at your mobile phone while on car journeys.
  • Avoid staring at moving objects
  • Look ahead, a little above the horizon, at a fixed place.
  • Try ginger tablets, travel products, antihistamines, homoeopathic or pressure point products to prevent or deal with travel sickness

Travel and Seasickness Product Reviews

"We organised these sea sick pills for a cruise . They where fantastic no one got sea sick . Took two the night before the cruise then one every night before bed after that." By Lisa Ward About Sea Legs

I work in a job that requires me to use hand sanitiser many times a day. All other brands give me a contact dermatitis - this one doesn't. Very helpful. By Carol Laing About Aquim antibacterial gel
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