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Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

This is probably the most traditional and more widely used type of blood pressure monitor, We have all seen them at the doctors or in the movies, they involve a cuff that attaches to the upper arm and inflates to take your blood pressure.

How do I use a Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitor?
Watch the youtube video for detailed instructions.

Reasons for choosing Omron:
  • It is the # 1 doctor recommended brand of home BP monitor.
  • It has a unique patented "Intellisense" technology that guarantees fast, accurate and comfortable way of monitoring blood pressure at home.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It provides fast results in no time.
  • Each unit of Omron product has passed rigorous quality control measures.
  • It has been factory tested, evaluated and proven to meet the safety and accuracy standards set by independent global organizations.
  • All Omron BP monitoring products are easy to use.
  • It provides local support and service.
There are 7 available models of Omron Arm BP Monitors.
1. The Omron Ultra Premium Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-7221
This particular model is the top of the range device because it features Omron's latest technologies in home blood pressure monitoring. It ensures that the users are getting only accurate reading because it utilises the Dual Check calibration system and the Cuff Wrapping Guide.
2. The Omron Premium Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-7211
This advanced home blood pressure monitoring model features advanced technologies that provide the users with detailed blood pressure information. It ensures that an accurate reading is recorded by using the Dual Check calibration system and the Cuff Wrapping Guide.
3. The Omron Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-7200
This particular model provides a simple yet reliable and accurate blood pressure reading at the touch of a button. It likewise records 60 readings in its memory storage inclusive of date and time.
4. The Omron Standard Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-7203
This simple blood pressure monitoring model offers the standard information of straightforward and accurate blood pressure reading while taking into consideration the user's comfort.
5. The Omron Manual Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 4030 - this still takes the same accurate readings, but you inflate it yourself using the easy to squeeze inflation bulb.
6. Omron Heartsure Blood Pressure Monitor BP100 - measures your blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly.It is an simpler and cheaper alternative to Omron IA2 and SEM2
7. Omron T9P Model Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Printer - This deluxe monitor allows you to take your blood pressure readings at home with fast accurate results. You can print results out on your home printer, or plug into a USB port on your computer and download them.

What are the benefits of Omron Arm BP Monitor?
  • It provides an accurate reading.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is convenient and you can bring it anywhere you go.
  • It provides a quick result.
  • Çomfortable way to take your results
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Your Price!Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121
Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121
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A modern way of taking your blood pressure and yields accurate results in an instant.
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An easy to use portable blood pressure monitor that gives accurate and precise readings to help you check your blood pressure on a regular basis.
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