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  • Reusable cold and hot pack
  • Provides soothing cold/hot therapy
  • Can help soothe many kinds of aches and pains

Allcare Elastic Cold Gel Pack

Getting relief from aches and pains is not only achieved by popping a pill.  By using Allcare Elastic Cold Gel Pack you can get help in soothing and relaxing your muscle joints. You can also use it to warm up muscles before exercising.


As heat therapy:

  • Helps soothe and relax stiff muscles and joints.
  • Helps warm up muscles before exercising.
  • Helps increase circulation.

As cold therapy:

Helps soothe inflammation


  • Reusable
  • Non toxic
  • Biodegradable gel
  • Can be used as hot or cold pack

How to use this product for best results?

For Cold Therapy

For first time use as cold therapy, put the pack inside the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Lay the gel pack flat in the freezer for even distribution of temperature.
Freeze only the gel pack and not the blue wrap.
After 2 hours, take the pack out and insert the gel pack into the black mesh pocket of the blue wrap.
Remember not to put the gel pack directly onto the skin. Instead use it with the provided wrap.
Apply the wrap with the blue side facing out to the affected area. You may also seal the sticking closure for added security.
Do not sit, lean against or lie down on the gel pack.
This will cause the gel pack to break and leak.
Application must be done no longer than 25 minutes at a time.
After use, return gel pack to freezer for future use.

For Heat Therapy

Lay gel flat in microwave oven. Heat on full power using the heating chart below.
Wattage/Heating Time 800/50 Seconds
1000/40 Seconds
1300/35 Seconds
Do not exceed the above recommended heating chart.
Make sure the gel is at room temperature before heating.
It must only be the gel pack that will be put inside microwave, and not the blue wrap.
It is recommended to monitor the gel while heating. If swelling of gel pack is noticed, turn the microwave oven off immediately. Wait for the swelling to subside before getting the gel pack.
Use a towel of heat safe mittens to get the gel pack inside the microwave oven to prevent burning.
Insert heated gel pack into the black mesh pocket of the blue wrap. Once it is inside the blue wrap, knead the gel pack to distribute heat inside.
Check if the temperature of the pack is acceptable. If it feels too hot allow to cool before using.
Apply the blue wrap to the affected area. Ensure that the wrap is not too tight.
DO NOT sit, lean against or lie down on the gel pack. This will result to breakage and/or a leak. When the heat has dissipated, store the blue wrap and gel pack at room temperature.
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