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Support your child's teeth and gums to help them stay healthy and strong by helping to inhibit bad bacteria and prevent it from coming back with Blis ToothGuard Junior Probiotic.

Blis ToothGuard Junior Probiotic Lozenges Strawberry 30

Our children's oral health care is one of our primary concerns. We want to keep their teeth and gums strong and healthy throughout their childhood. Because the last thing we want is for them to lose their permanent teeth when they are older. And because the mouth is a breeding ground for billions of invading bad bacteria, our children's teeth are susceptible to tooth decay as well as gum disease. Even with the most diligent child who properly brushes his teeth, he is not excused from this invasion. Good thing there is the scientifically developed Blis ToothGuard Junior Probiotic Lozenges with patented BLIS M18. When taken in combination with regular oral care, it will help minimise the presence of bad bacteria and aids to provide protection from further bacteria attacks.


  • Supports teeth and gum health when taken in combination with regular brushing
  • Helps provide protection from breeding bacteria in the mouth
  • Assists to prevent teeth cavity build up in children
  • Aids to preserve the integrity of the teeth for healthier teeth when they grow up


  • Suitable for children 5 years and older
  • Formulated with patented BLIS M18 - a new generation of advanced oral probiotics Developed from a special strain of beneficial bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius that is found to occur naturally in the healthy mouths of adults and children

How does it work?

  • BLIS M18 works by providing the good bacteria to crowd out the bad bacteria responsible for cavities and gum disease.
  • Ingredients: Each lozenge contains:
  • Streptococcus salivarius M18 (contains at least 2.50 billion cfu/ dose at the date of manufacture), Isomalt, Tableting Aids, Natural Flavour.

How to use for best results?

  1. Children 5 years old and above can slowly dissolve one lozenge in the mouth 1-2 times a day, ideally after brushing.
  2. BLIS ToothGuard Junior works best if eating or drinking can be avoided for at least 30 minutes after taking.
  3. The longer BLIS M18 is in your mouth, the better the colonisation will be, and the more the bad bacteria can be crowded out.

Are there any warnings and precautions?

Keep out of reach of children. Do not take ToothGuard Junior while taking antibiotics. If you have an immune compromised condition, please seek your doctor's advice before taking. Do not take Blis ToothGuard Junior Probiotic if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed. Made on equipment that also processes milk and soy. Always read the label and take as directed.

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