2 Ways to Effectively Treat Cold Sores

2 Ways to Effectively Treat Cold Sores

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There is NOTHING worse than a new cold sore… that tingling feeling when you suspect its coming… to the small crater on your face that comes a few todays later. So what are your options to treat cold sores and minimise the signs of them on your face.

Early Treatment can lesson the severity and duration

Once you suspect that you are suffering from cold sores, the most immediate step to take is to check your symptoms. This is a fairly common illness that can be treated easily so there is tons of information available over the net. You may also want to be sure and seeking professional help is another good idea.

What can effectively treat cold sores?

In treating this illness, you have two options to choose from. One is to apply topical cream or ointment and the other is to take oral medications. Whatever may be your decision is up to your preference. Here are two common ways to treat cold sores.

VECTAVIR COLD SORE CREAM 2GMThe Use of Antiviral cream or ointment

There are many OTC brands to choose from. You may choose from the following generic names to inquire about its potency: Aciclovir or Penciclovir. These may either be bought over-the-counter or prescribed by doctors. These do not kill the virus but rather prevent them from multiplying. But don’t expect them to have a noticeable effect on existing blisters because this may only prevent them from spreading or deteriorating in condition. The only promise it gives is to help shorten the period of infection if applied immediately upon noticing symptoms.

Taking Antiviral Tablets

The choices in our list are Aciclovir, which incidentally comes in tablet form as well as cream and Valaciclovir. These are not commonly prescribed, especially to healthy adults. However, in chronic cases as well as to those whose immune system is already compromised, these antiviral tablets may be prescribed to prevent further complications. It offers the same effect as antiviral creams, therefore, you can only expect it to prevent the virus from multiplying and spreading.

Both types of medications will only work at the onset of symptoms. So once you feel that tingling itching feeling even if you haven’t seen an outbreak of blisters yet take these treatments. Taking full responsibility for your medical condition should be a priority. Don’t take your chances and be on your way to a speedy recovery.


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