4 Reasons to Consider Aluminum Free Deodorants

4 Reasons to Consider Aluminum Free Deodorants

My friend and I were playing tennis the other day and I was surprised to see her clothes sweaty all over except for the underarm part. So I asked her what her secret for keeping her underarms dry was. She answered with much confidence, “maximum strength antiperspirant”… I myself am weary of strong deodorants because of the levels of aluminum so I wanted to explore the topic of aluminum free deodorants v.s. anti persperant today.

aluminumfreedeoWhat is the difference between an antiperspirant and deodorant?

Antiperspirant products and deodorants are not the same thing – although if you thought they were you would not be the first person.

Deodorants – simply mask the odors that the body produces when sweat and bacteria unite on our armpits. Because this part of the body is not easily reached by the drying effect of the wind, it obviously sweats faster and sweats more.

Antiperspirant – is what stops the body from sweating. Most antiperspirants provide dual benefits of a deodorant. Most deodorants contain aluminum. It is the main ingredient that is responsible for stopping the sweat from being released through the body’s pores.

What are the dangers that may be associated with using aluminum-based deodorants?

A lot of studies reveal that aluminum is absorbed through the bloodstream. Excessive accumulation of this chemical is linked to some of the most dreaded neurological disorders – such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Aluminum is considered as one of the most irritating chemicals and most people who experience contact dermatitis when using deodorants can most likely find aluminum as one of the main ingredients.

It also clogs the pores, making it a popular ingredient in antiperspirants. By clogging the pores, it disrupts the natural sweat process of the body which also stops toxins from being released through sweat.

Aluminium is considered as a danger to the environment as it clogs the drainage and produces toxins that pollute the water and air.

Support a healthy body and mind while smelling fresh each day with aluminum free deodorants. Check out our natural deodorants and compare your options in our store!

Introducting Aluminum Free Deodorants


Natio Aluminum Free Roll On Deodorant 100ml – Formulated aluminum free so it is gentle and may not irritate sensitive skin.

QV Naked Deodorant Fragrance Free Aluminium Free 75g – Formulated so that it is low in irritants such as; fragrances, alcohol and aluminum

Le Crystal Stick Deodorant – a natural crystal deodorant – it’s a mineral salt deodorant for a reason! It may work to help prevent odor while other products attempt to mask it or plug the pores with aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium.


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