4 Steps Building The Perfect Brows

4 Steps Building The Perfect Brows

As I stared into the mirror at my eye brows this weekend I realised it had been some time since I plucked them… let alone shaped them. While there was not a mono brow forming, there were flat caterpillar brows that really did nothing to shape my face. So I decided to under go a bit of an extreme makeover – eyebrow edition to get my brows looking even, arched and defined. It is actually easy to achieve perfect brows once you know here so I can noted down my top tips for the perfect brows everytime.shapingeyebrows

It is actually really surprising the effect of a well shaped brow can make to your face shape in the mirror or a photograph.


Embrace the eye liner and map out your perfect brows.

Take a red lip liner or eye liner a different colour for your brows and map out 3 points on your face.

  1. Place a pencil or ruler vertically from the widest point of your nose up to your brow. This is where your eye brow should start from.
  2. Place the ruler or pencil on the side of your nose and line up with the far side of your pupil. This is where the arch of your brow should be.
  3. Line the pencil up with the edge of your nose and take to the outer corner of your brow. This is where your brow should end.
  4. Draw a box around your lashes and pluck anything outside of the box. browshaping2


  • Because my brows are flat by nature I had to pluck a bit of an arch in to create some shape in my face.
  • By drawing the box around the lashes I kept the proportions of each lash even and could slowly pluck away unnecessary hair to build shape.
  • Its important to work with your brows natural shape. If there is not much brow there I do not recommend plucking it off and leaving no brow at all. In some cases you may need to draw in your brows rather then take brows away.
  • I like to dye my lashes using 1000 hours eye lash dye so they are darker in colour, this lets me see all the hairs before I pluck them and gives more uniform results .

Brow Inspiration

Here is an image I found on pinterest with a variety of eye brow shapes to give you some inspiration. Mine is probably closest to the 5th image (to suit my brows natural curve)

The Perfect Brows

Building colour for a polished look.

Once your brows are shaped its time to fill them in so they look uniform and beautiful and really frame your eyes.

You can do this using a eye brow dye,  brow liner, brow powder or brow gel. We love Ardell Brow Kids for filling in our lashes.

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