5 Ways to Make a Weight loss Supplements Work at its Best

5 Ways to Make a Weight loss Supplements Work at its Best


Weight loss supplements are a great way to support your body and nutrition so it can function at it’s best. We all know when you eat a lot of junk… you generally tend to feel  like junk. A lot of the time people get confused about weight loss supplements and how they work.

Choosing the right weight loss supplement

Optifast Shakes
Optifast Shakes

It pays to do your research before you start using a new supplement. If you have medical conditions always check with your doctor before making major lifestyle changes. One common weight loss plan used by physicians before lap band surgery is the Optifast VCLD diet. It stands for very low calorie diet. The whole idea is that it lowers your calories to 800 in the initial stages while still maintaining optimal nutrition so you can begin to burn stored fat. There are shakes, desserts, bars and soups that you eat instead of a meal with some added vegetables. You start to introduce normal food back into your diet over the 4 phases of the program – You can learn more about that here...

Pancake recipe
Pancake recipe

Protein Pancakes

Protein Powder

If you want to support your metabolism so it can support your body then Nuzest Clean Lean protein is a great way to up your protein levels pre or post workout. You can use it in a smoothie, in baking as a flour alternative or just with water as a quick post workout shake. Protein supports the muscles and metabolism so your body can perform at its best. I love using their their Vanilla protein powder  after a morning workout to make these “protein pancakes”.

get regular exercise
get regular exercise


There is no single diet program that works without the help of exercise. No matter how many weight loss support supplements we finish if we do not support our healthy lifestyle with exercise, we are not going to get the results we want. So get out there and get active… do things that you find fun with the added benefit of exercise, eg swimming, aqua jogging with a friend, running, weightlifting, yoga, spin classes or even walking…you name it. It is important that you choose the right exercise program that will suit both your lifestyle and interest. It doesn’t have to be grueling or painful. Even starting your day with a 20 minute walk will start you off on the right track for a productive day.


Lots of water

Learn to love water… it is your secret weapon for weight-loss success. Sometimes we eat because we are dehydrated rather than hungry. So remember to sip on water each day and reach for a drink before you binge eat.

Water also has the added benefit of helping you flush out the toxins and helps you feel fuller in between meals. I make sure I drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Rest and relaxation

Rest and relax
Rest and relax

If you are calorie counting or using optifast VCLD you need to take time to regenerate with 8 hours of sleep every night. This way you avoid late night snacking to keep your energy up to support your night owl tendencies.

So cut back on my late nights and make sure you take breaks during the day to ease tension. Enjoy the ritual of holding a warm cup of green tea, gazing into a beautiful mug or teacup and letting your mind forget the stress of the day for 10 minutes. Massage and meditation sessions are great to help my body rejuvenate.

Proper Diet


This is probably the most challenging part because by nature we love to eat and there are all sorts of chemicals in food that can cause us to crave more and more snacks and junk!

So try to cut back from comfort foods that are usually calorie and fat laden.

Switched to healthier snacks such as nuts and fruits

Try and make sure at least 1/2 your meal is vegetables.

After a few weeks your body will adjust and your cravings will subside

By supporting your body with good nutrition you let it work on functioning at it’s best. That way you will feel lighter, clearer and full of energy.

To learn more about this check out the weight loss supplements section of our online catalogue. Do you have a weight loss supplement you swear by? Share your secrets below or leave us a note to let us know you stopped by.

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