8 Ways to Keep Winter Ills and Chills Well Under Control

8 Ways to Keep Winter Ills and Chills Well Under Control



We maybe at the tail end of winter but I bet most people you know are still catching bugs. I myself used to always get sick around this time, until I discovered sensible ways to help my immune system work for me during the cold months.

8 Ways to help keep winter ills and chills under control

healtheries-kidscare-chewable-echinacea-and-vitamin-c-heeccKeep warm and gear up for the season

This is the time to take out those warm cozy sweaters, bonnets, scarves, mittens and earmuffs. You’ll never know when you’ll need them, so make sure you keep them handy for when you suddenly need to leave the house for errands or just for fun in the park. Studies show that our bodies become more stressed during cold temperatures. When we don’t wear proper clothing, we tend to shiver. Shivering lowers our immune system and makes us more susceptible to catching colds.

Drink lots of fluids

Don’t make the mistake of drinking only when you feel thirsty. Studies show that when you reach the point of being thirsty it means that your body is already craving for water and might be dehydrated. So, before your body tells you to load up on water, drink up! Keeping hydrated during the cold winter months helps to eliminate toxins from our system. It is especially helpful during times when we suffer from colds. When you become dehydrated, your mucus becomes drier and thicker and less able to ward off invading bacteria and viruses. Drinking lots of fluids when you have a cold will definitely help to flush out the infection.

Make sure to wash your hands frequently

We have always thought that viruses are airborne and therefore can be caught whether or not we keep our hands clean. But recent studies have also indicated that germs can likewise be transmitted by physical contact and may easily enter the body when infected hands touch the eyes, nose and mouth. These parts are most vulnerable because they are easily accessed by invading germs. By washing our hands and drying them using disposable towels frequently, especially after using public toilets, it can help to lessen the chance of contracting viruses.

Eat a wide array of colourful fruit and veggies

By loading up on the good stuff and making sure we get a wide range of colourful fruit and veggies, we are also loading our body with powerful antioxidants that help to fight infection. We are not only keeping our skin glowing from the inside in spite of the lack of sun exposure, but we are also helping our immune system to beef up so it can easily ward off and put those winter ills and chills under control.

Make sure to sleep like a baby

Make your sleeping area conducive to getting enough rest and sleep. By sleeping soundly it helps our body recuperate and recharge for the stresses of the day ahead.

Keep your mood light and disposition happy

Feeling stressed out contributes to catching bugs easily. By keeping a high spirit and feeling cheerful, relaxed and happy, we are helping our immune system to work to our advantage during this season.

sanderson-ester-plex-600mg-chewable-vitamin-c-sdepc6Stay active even if you don’t feel like it

Winter is a season to make all kinds of excuses to stay indoors and avoid moving around. Who doesn’t want to bundle up and stay in bed? But this will not help our immune system defend us in times of attack. Studies show that participating in regular moderate exercise will help to keep our circulation going and increase the number of natural killer cells in our bodies. These natural killer cells work together to travel around the body looking for foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Studies further show that when you exercise, your natural killer levels in the body stay up for about 36 hours after exercising, making it stronger to fight infection.

Take helpful supplements

Two of the most common supplements that aid in putting winter ills and chills under control are Vitamin C and Zinc. By taking high doses of vitamin C, it may help our immune system to become stronger and better in fighting infections.

As I said earlier, after trying to stick to these guidelines during winter, I have managed to keep myself healthier and less prone to common colds and viruses. So why not take them to heart as well, and see for yourself how a few simple changes can benefit your body!


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