Skin… Why so thirsty? Avene Trixera Skincare Range for Dry to Very Dry Skin.

Skin… Why so thirsty? Avene Trixera Skincare Range for Dry to Very Dry Skin.

Do you suffer from dry to very dry skin? If you do, you will probably share my thoughts about its effect on your daily life. It can be very frustrating when your skin flares up easily with the use of any product.  You think it’s okay after applying it but just after a few hours, you see your skin starts to flake and your face resembles that of a desert.  What makes it even worse is when you check your cupboard and it’s filled with creams you can’t even use.  You’re sick of buying things with the promise of not only soothing your skin but nourishing and restoring moisture.  You want skin care advice before you buy (that is what this blog is about). We will share with you what Avene Trixera is all about.

What is Avene Trixera?

A skincare range that is kind to your dry skin, and helps it feel normal.  It helps make your skin feel soft and smooth, just like how normal skin should feel like.  Assists in soothing your dry, thirsty, itchy and sometimes stinging skin. It basically loves your skin to help you love it.

Avene Trixera for eczema

We all know how eczema can be very daunting.  It comes in many forms, but the most common are contact dermatitis wherein when the skin gets in contact with an allergen it reacts.  It can either be acute or chronic. Acute simply means that the reaction can rapidly result to redness and rashes, which may eventually swell or blister. Chronic is when there is a long standing irritation in any part of the body, which may appear darker than its surrounding skin.

Advantages of using Avene Trixera

It offers a lot of benefits, which I am sure that any person suffering from very sensitive and dry skin can appreciate. Aside from its non-sticky and non-greasy texture, it is also very fast to apply. It helps moisturize up to 48 hours to make you feel soft and smooth all over.

Tips on what works on dry and very dry skin

It is best to skip hot shower and long baths.

Why? By doing this, it can cause breakdown of important protective barriers in the skin, which can lead to moisture loss. Best to stay in a warm shower for a short time and use a moisturizing wash to prevent drying out your skin in the process.

Keep your humidifier under control.

Don’t get over-excited and pump up the office central heating to eliminate dampness and cold air. Running the dehumidifier in excess can cause too much dryness to your skin.  Instead keep your humidifier both at home and in the office in good use. It helps increase moisture levels as well as disperse moisture more evenly.

Keep yourself hydrated from within.

It may not have a direct effect on your flaky dry skin, especially if dryness is caused by the weather condition. However, drinking plenty of water will definitely help in your overall health and well-being. 

Don’t stay in a soaking wet clothing.  


When you get wet in the rain or stepped into puddles that cause your socks to get wet, make sure you take them off right away. You also need to pickup wet clothes using gloves as keeping cold, damp clothing on your skin can cause your skin to crack.

Exfoliate to slough off dry, dead skin cells.


You may think that this can be painful, but exfoliating regularly can do your dry skin a big favor. Make sure to use quality exfoliating products that are especially formulated for your skin type. This will definitely help rejuvenate dry, very dry and rough skin!

Make sure to moisturize after bathing and showering.

I cannot over emphasize the value of moisturizing. But your moisturizing product for summer may not work during winter. So make sure to consider switching your skin care regimen during colder months to get maximum effect. 

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