The Backpod and the Back Pain Pandemic

The Backpod and the Back Pain Pandemic

Do you hunch your back over your desk or phone all day? Is it because all things these days revolve around technology? And so, you are either on your computer at work, or your phone on the bus going home. How about staring at your tablet and phone as you surf the net while eating or watching television? But what is all this screen time doing to your posturei ihunchI had a customer bring a really interesting video to my attention yesterday. It was featured on Breakfast a morning television show here in New Zealand, entitled “New Invention to beat the back pain pandemic”. It talks about a product we have in store the Bodystance Backpod. So I thought I would jot down a few lines and write a blog about it.

Computers and Back Pain

As the resident computer nerd here at it is safe to say I suffer from back pain. The human body is not designed to sit slumped over a desk all day. And I would have to admit my posture usually leaves something to be desired. I find my shoulders stiff, tight and I am always grabbing the tops of my shoulders trying to massage out the tension through out the work day.

So, what makes technology so darn reason for backaches?

The trouble is you spend all your day hunching forward. And so you need a way to stretch out your back and counteract the hunching motion with a stretch.

The problemsore neck and the bodystance backpod

  • 1/6 Kiwis suffers from accute upper back pain
  • As we age we take on bad habits and our posture may suffer
  • We spend our days slumped and slouched over smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions.
  • The human body was designed to walk and stand – not to sit down for 8 hours + a day.
  • We have ways to optimise desktop computers, but laptops, smartphones and tablets lead to pushing your neck forward and down.
  • Good posture is not all that common in todays society.

Learn more about why you have back and neck pain.

The back pods make Physio Steve Austin has put together a video talking you through the ins and outs of back pain so you can get the info from the guru himself.

BodyStance Back Podhow to use it

  • Developed by a kiwi physio with over 3o years experience in back and neck pain
  • Works to stretch out your back in the opposite direction after being hunched at a desk all day.
  • Super strong to support your body weight.
  • Use during times of upper chest and back tightness, pain and headaches associated with poor posture and being seated in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone all day.


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