Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Review with Before and After Pictures

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Review with Before and After Pictures

I caught a glimpse of my legs in the reflection of a cafe window when I was out for a run… and it was a good thing I was wearing sun glasses because my winter white was truly shining through. So I got home, took a shower, exfoliated my legs with my exfoliating glove and decided it was time to test out my brand new bottle of Bondi Sands Liquid Gold and do up a little Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Review for you.

I snapped a before and after photo so you can see what I am working with naturally in terms of a tan (or lack their of) – Warning – Blindness may occur!Before and After using bondi sands tanning oil

My Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Review

What I loved:

    • It is a quick drying tanning oil so you don’t have to wait around in the nude waiting for your tan to dry for 30 minutes (who has that kind of time). Instead you can dress after a few minutes, or in my case jump into bed.


    • It won’t turn your sheets orange because it stays on your legs, not on your linen. I have ruined many a set of sheets so this is a pretty important fake tan requirement for me.


    • It starts to develop in the first hour – which is great if you need a tan FAST!


    • It feels silky and soft on your skin, I think it is the Argan oil. I hate that muggy feeling like your skin can’t breath you get with some fake tans. I have sensitive skin, so its nice to feel nourished and moisturized, rather than leather-ed and smothered by tan.


    • It smells delicious


    • You don’t have to put it on, shower, then head out with a tan. You apply it, it starts to develop in the first hour, and completely after 8. Then you can head out – no shower required.


  • It contains argan (Moroccan) oil so nourishes your skin as you tan.

What I did not like:

    • The spray bottle took me a while to get the hang of, the floor did get a little bit of a tan too, I recommend doing this in the bathroom. I found it easier to take off my tanning mitt and spray it with my right hand.


  • It is tinted but you can’t really see where your going. I recommend spraying your leg with enough tan so you can ensure full coverage, then sweeping the tan up your body using the tanning glove, this way you will avoid patches and streaking.


This is my new favorite tan. I have sensitive skin and I loved the way it felt against my legs, like silk. I have only done my legs but am keen to test it out on my arms next (I have a little bit of eczema so I was not keen to go full body until I had felt it against my skin.

Bondi sands with limited edition glove @bondisands
Bondi sands with limited edition glove @bondisands


Tips / What you need to have:

    • I recommend buying a tanning glove – They are a savior for your hands, as it means the tan will not get sucked up into your nail beds, in between your fingers or on your wrists.


  • Make sure you exfoliate to avoid the tan catching in dry areas.

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