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magnesium bath flakes

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Truth About Dry Cracked Heels

Pharmacy Nz Cracked heels feature image

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Hydrocortisone Creams

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How to use Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam ( With Pictures)

Bondi Sands have just released two new products just in time for spring. Their Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam and a new Gradual Tanning Foam. Perfect if you need some new tanning products to bump up your colour – any time of year.

Bondi Sands ultra dark now available in store

Choose the right tan for your skin.

Don’t you hate it when you invest in skincare, makeup or tanning products and they suck! I have sensitive skin and in my early 20’s I had a cupboard full of barely used products that I “Just wasn’t that into”. They would either leave me dry, itchy or in the case of some older fake tans, smelling like a carrot. This is why I love YouTube and Instagram for checking out products before I buy. I can usually find how to videos, colour swatches and read about other’s first-hand experiences with a product. I have included some in this blog so you can see the new Ultra Dark tan in action.

You can find before and after pics of the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam here.

As you can see from the pictures above this tan gives ULTRA dark results so you want to make sure you put it on properly. Using a fake tanning mitt goes a long way to avoid those telltale signs your tan is fake on your hands and nails. And prepping your skin will help you create the perfect smooth canvas for tanning. Here is a video from the Tanning Experts at Bondi Sands walking you through an application of this new Ultra Dark Tan so you can see it in action.

Want to know where to buy it? You can find it in our online store’s self tanning section. You will also find the other shades there including regular dark and light medium.

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Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam 200ml / 6.8 ozBONDI SANDS REUSABLE EXFOLIATING MITT DUAL ACTION (Special buy online only)BONDI SANDS SELF TANNING MITT

Avene XeraCalm for Red Hypersensitive Skin: What You Need to Know

Having hypersensitive skin is a delicate situation.  Do you find your skin easily turns red after using skin care products?  Is your skin often patchy or itchy? Do you find you are disappointed with the product options out there?  Confused about which ingredients will annoy and irritate your skin? Do you have a cupboard full of products you can’t use?  I know how you feel and I completely appreciate your frustration.  So let me share with you a secret I have recently discovered. A range of products made especially for hypersensitive skin– Avene XeraCalm.

Do you ever wonder if you suffer from hypersensitive skin?

According to, surveys show that 50% of women and 40% of men report of having sensitive skin. To have sensitive skin means you have low tolerance level for cosmetics and other personal care products. And these sensitivities are manifested in many different ways, such as experiencing stinging, itching or burning sensations. You can also see the appearance of redness, dryness, scaling, peeling and, in more extreme cases, bumps and hives.

So, have you confirmed your suspicion? Let’s see if you really have hypersensitive skin. You have it if you said yes to at least 3 or more of the symptoms above.  Now that you have finally confirmed this, what do you do? Do you just sulk and accept your condition without doing anything? Or do you switch to a product specially formulated for sensitive skin?

Perhaps your next question is, which products can help?

Avene XeraCalm is one product we trust in dealing with hypersensitive skin. Specially formulated for those who are hypersensitive to weather changes. It is also ideal for those who easily react to products that contain harsh chemicals. As well as those who suffer from irritant contact dermatitis.


Who can benefit from using Avene XeraCalm?

Those who suffer from moderate to extremely dry skin or eczema will benefit from Avene XeraCalm.  The reason? It contains carefully chosen ingredients known to soothe and help relieve extreme dryness symptoms.

What makes it different from other products made for sensitive skin?

The Avene XeraCalm range has a unique yet common active ingredient known as the Avene Thermal Spring Water. It comes from the Cevennes Mountains in Avene France. It is pure, free from bacteria, has low mineral content, and has a wide range of anions, cations, and trace elements. Dermatologists prefer Avene Thermal Spring Water among dermatological thermal spring waters because of its 2 is to 1 ratio of calcium vs. magnesium.


Now that you know more about Avene XeraCalm, let me share what are most common causes of hypersensitive skin.

Here are two of most common reasons why those who naturally have hypersensitive skin react.

First, irritant contact dermatitis.

Irritation happens when someone is exposed to either products or environmental aggressors that lead to a skin reaction. These irritants can either be personal care products, irritating body fluids such as urine, faeces, or sweat. It can also be environmental conditions such as heat, cold, low humidity and ultraviolet light.

Next is allergic contact dermatitis.

This happens when you apply either chemicals or materials to your skin and develops an allergic reaction after.  Examples of the most reported allergens are rubber, latex, and silicone. These can also be active ingredients such as SLS, paraben, and others.

Here is the range of Avene XeraCalm:


Now that you know how can Avene XeraCalm help, go ahead and check our online store. And if you know someone with hypersensitive skin, please take a few seconds to share, pin or tweet this post using the buttons to your left.



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