Let’s Talk Chin Wax – Not By The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin!

Let’s Talk Chin Wax – Not By The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin!

I was hesitant to even write this blog post as I was a little embarrassed. But I figure if I have this problem, and if there are so many products available for it, then I can’t be the only one suffering from it. I am talking about chin wax and the hair on your chin. It’s as if I woke up on my 30th birthday and these little beggars had started sprouting right on cue.  Instead of wasting time trying to pluck them out, I decided something needed to be done to banish them.

I thought about shaving them, but I thought that would make them grow back faster, darker and thicker.I thought about threading, but I am pretty bad at booking appointments, and it’s such a pain in the bum driving across town to get to them (not to mention the cost).

Why I chose Chin Wax to remove my facial hair

So I settled on waxing. Since then I have tried a few different chin waxes so I thought I would pop a post together to help others like me who are trying to banish embarrassing chin hair without blowing their budget or getting stubble.Here is a rundown on my experience and the products I tried and basically what you need to know.

Choose the right size

When you remove facial hair you want to choose the smaller wax strips.  If you use the big ones they are way more likely to get stuck where they shouldn’t, and the last thing you want is to end up ripping off an eyebrow by mistake!


Choose a facial specific wax as it will have ingredients designed to be kind to your skin. The last thing you want is a big red rash – a tell tale sign of hair removal.

So, what are some of your product choices?  I’ve pulled together a list of what I believe are some of the best.

Nair Salon Facial Wax Kit 15ML

Nair Salon Facial Wax Kit 15ml use as chin wax
Nair Salon Facial Wax Kit 15ml
  • Specifically made for removing facial hair.
  • Made with sugar based formulation for a naturally easy way to grip fine hair.
  • Comes in an easy roll on packaging
  • Gentle on delicate facial skin
  • Simply glide on face to remove facial hair



Nads Facial Wax Strips

Nads Facial Wax Strips
Nads Facial Wax Strips
  • Specially designed for use on upper lip, cheek, chin and middle brow.
  • Made using innovative contour weave paper technology.
  • Softer and more flexible for easy conformity to facial curves.
  • Helps remove hair as short as 2mm.
  • Leaves skin hair free for up to 2 weeks.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Using it regularly helps slow down hair re-growth.

Marzena Chin Wax Strips Face Bikini x 16

Marzena Wax Strips Face Bikini
Marzena Wax Strips Face Bikini
  • Can be used on the face and bikini line
  • No preparation time needed
  • Simply remove cellophane strips to start using
  • Value for money
  • Made with genuine pine wax
  • Result lasts an average of up to 6 weeks



Marzena Wax Strips Mini x 20

Marzena Wax Strips Mini
Marzena Wax Strips Mini Suitable for your shin
  • Removes unwanted hair quickly and easily.
  • Leaves skin feeling silky smooth for up to 6 weeks.
  • Helps reduce hair re-growth.
  • Made with natural pine wax to offer maximum effectiveness
  • Each strip can be re-applied several times.
  • Infused with summer fruit fragrances.
  • Enriched with Aloe

If you want to compare your options or watch instructional videos head to our webstore to browse and compare products

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