Hair Lightener: How to Choose the Right One for You

Hair Lightener: How to Choose the Right One for You

Are you a brunette who dreams of blonde locks?  Not confident that you can transform your hair from dark and mysterious to blonde bombshell? Well, that’s why a hair lightener was invented.  Gone are the days when the blonde look had to remain a dream for those of us with dark hair.  

Why use a hair lightener?

Pre-lightening products are used to bleach the hair, which is a process of lifting off the natural colour of your hair in order to accommodate the new colour you want. Natural hair lightener removes the colour from your hair permanently.

It just logically follows that if you’re a brunette who wants blonde hair, you can’t simply dye your dark hair to make it lighter. You need to use hair lightener to permanently remove the dark colour from your hair.

What happens during the bleaching process?

The first thing that the hair lightening product does is to disturb the smooth cuticle layer to allow the bleaching solution to slip through.  This then allows the hydrogen peroxide present in the hair lightener to go deep into the hair shaft, allowing it to oxidize the current colour of the hair, which results in the pigment being removed.

Are there different forms of hair lighteners?

Yes, hair lighteners do come in different forms, but knowing all about these is only really necessary if you are a professional hair colourist.   If you are a DIY fanatic and prefer to do things on your own, whether you are a control freak or you are just saving some bucks, then you don’t really need to worry about the different forms.  This is where hair lightener pre-packaged products comes in, as they are specially made for at home use.

So what do I look for in a pre lightening kit?

Make sure that the following are contained in your kit:

    • Bleaching powder and developer/peroxide.  Look for the strength of peroxide, which will be clearly marked on the box.


  • Instructional leaflet

Note that it is very important to read through the instruction leaflet because not only does it contain the correct mixing instructions, it also gives you full instructions on how to carry out a strand and sensitivity test. These are very important procedures.  Skipping them may put you at risk of making a BIG mistake or getting a terrible allergic reaction.

Here are our top three sellers in store:

Smart Blonde High Lift Hair Lightener and Conditioning Toner Platinum Blonde


Includes a high lift powerful hair lightener along with a toner which is great for getting rid of any brassiness. It can lift your hair up to 7 shades which is great if you are naturally darker to take your hair from brunette to blonde.

L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Maximum Lightening Creme

A lightening cream with a bold and vibrant blonde result that lightens up to 6 tones. Great for dark blonde and brown hair. Easy to use drip free formula.

Smart Colour Permanent Total Blonde Bleaching Kit with  Hair Lightener

Everything you need to lighten your hair in one kit. Perfect for darker or pre coloured hair.  Great for pre lightening before going blonde.

Keeping blonde hair healthy

Now that you are done bleaching your hair, how do you bring back its shine and lustre? Since bleaching takes a lot of moisture it is important to do regular treatments and use a good shampoo that will restore moisture and fight dryness.

After bleaching, here’s what is best to do:

    • Use deep conditioner every time you take a shower.


    • Use a hair mask every week. These are highly concentrated conditioning creams that help bleached hair recover from loss of moisture. Leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing to get the maximum effect.


  • Leave-on conditioner will help rejuvenate and revive lost moisture.  

Great looking blonde hair starts with using a hair lightener.   To learn more about which DIY product is best for you, check out our online store.  


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