Where to buy Confitex Stylish Incontinence Underwear in NZ

Where to buy Confitex Stylish Incontinence Underwear in NZ

Urinary incontinence can be a bit of a taboo subject. But it happens to all of us at some stage of life. It can happen when we sneeze or after giving birth. It can also happen when we are ill or the most common reason — age. But whatever the reason, it helps to be prepared with the right products. So that you can get on with your life. Confitex NZ is a new product on the New Zealand Market that brings style to the world of urinary incontinence.

As seen in NZ Fashion Week:


As seen in NZ Fashion Week: 

I guess before you can appreciate what is the difference of Confitex from ordinary incontinence underwear, you have to understand first ordinary incontinence underwear

So, how does an incontinence pad feels like compared to Confitex ?

You’ll probably know the difference if you have tried using ordinary incontinence products or adult diapers. Ordinary adult diapers are bulky and uncomfortable. It is rough and itchy. And because it is designed like an oversized baby diaper, you will probably have this weird feeling wearing it. Plus it starts to smell after some time, which makes it even more embarrassing.

Now, let’s take a good look at what can Confitex can offer?

It has become a rave in NZ Fashion Week and it has also been featured in various publications. This alone is a good indication that this product is really promising. Aside from the fact that this is the first time an incontinence product has ever been elevated to a fashion stature, Confitex NZ is also comfortable and unique. It uses a fabric that uses body heat to wick away the fluid turning it dry. Therefore, no foul odour and minimizes the incidence of an infection.

Here are the benefits you can get by using Confitex:

It is made of a fabric that uses body heat to wick away the fluid turning it dry. Therefore, no foul odour and minimizes the incidence of an infection. And the designs are awesome! Lace and soft fabric with the comfort of an ordinary sexy lingerie. Plus the bamboo fabric lets the air in making it breathable for a comfortable wear all day long.

It also comes in both men’s and women’s styles.

The women’s style are:


The women’s range come in boyleg, hispter and full brief designs. First, the boyleg design offers full coverage both in front and rear. And because this design shows no panty lines it becomes your best choice for jeans and skirts.

Second, the hipster design sits on the hips of the wearer, just below the waistline. But the Confitex NZ hipster offers the additional feature of highcut design. Combining this two designs make it sexy, flattering and super lightweight.

Third, the full brief design. This design is particularly appealing for the conservative and traditional panty wearers. With full coverage both in front and rear, the wearer will feel more secure and confident.confitex nz woman


The men’s styles are:


The men’s style are pretty straightforward. It comes in briefs, briefs with fly and short briefs. First, the briefs are just like ordinary briefs. And it suits those who go after comfort more than style. Second, the briefs with fly offer the added feature of a fly. And the third is just a shorter version of the briefs style.confitex mens undies


Now, because these are incontinence underwear, I am sure you will ask about the absorbency.

Confitex NZ offers three levels of absorbency — light, medium, and high absorbency. The light provides protection for up to 25ml per day. While the medium absorbency provides protection for up to 200ml per day. Finally, the high absorbency provides protection up to 350ml per day.

You can find the range our onlien store. Please note that our webstore removes the purple add to cart button if we do not have stock on hand. And this is so you do not order a product that is out of stock. If you would like us to order in this product in your size – give us a call on 0800 000 980


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