4 Ways to Control Hunger Pangs to Support Weight Loss

4 Ways to Control Hunger Pangs to Support Weight Loss

Now that Christmas is over, it may be time to plan how to lose those extra pounds gained during the festive season. There is no better way to lose weight than a healthy diet and exercise regime, supplements can provide added support to control hunger pangs so you can focus your energy on losing weight.


What are hunger pangs?

Hunger pangs can be a result of stomach lining irritation. It happens when the stomach becomes empty after digesting the food eaten during a certain meal. The stomach walls come in contact with one another and then rub against each other.

How do I control hunger pangs?

Below are some of the many simple and easy ways to help control hunger pangs:

Remember to start your day fuelled by eating breakfast. If you think that skipping breakfast will help you to lose weight then you are gravely mistaken. By skipping your breakfast your body will create episodes of hunger pangs, which will lead to binging and frequent snacking to make up for more energy that is needed to last the day.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water. This may sound cliche to a lot but it is still one golden rule that we should always obey. This is for the simple reason that hunger pangs can often be mistaken for thirst.

Enjoy your food by eating slowly and chewing your food carefully. By doing this you are taking the burden of digestion from your stomach. After all, that sharp set of teeth is really meant to completely masticate the food before swallowing it.

Lastly, exercising regularly will definitely aid the body in controlling hunger pangs.

We have some supplements in the store that may help support your body while you are trying to lose weight. Here is a little more on the possible benefits of each

Sanderson Safflower Oil – active ingredient is CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Various studies have shown its significant effect is on body composition, where it works to support management of healthy belly fat.

GoodHealth Synetrim Slim – is a natural all-in-one, multi-action weight management support. It contains powerful patented ingredients, plus 4 trusted and well-researched weight management ingredients: Green Tea, Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean, Chromium and Iodine. Good Health Synetrim Slim Multi-Action Formula supports 6 key actions for effective weight management.

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