Check if Your Little One is Feverish. Use Digital Ear Thermometer

Check if Your Little One is Feverish. Use Digital Ear Thermometer

There is a certain feeling of helplessness when your child is sick. You really appreciate the gift of speech and being able to communicate how you are feeling to a doctor. Sadly for our little ones, they only have a few cues to tell us if they are under the weather. A digital ear thermometer is a secret weapon for any parent who wants to keep an eye on their child’s temperature when they are unwell.

Why choose a digital ear thermometer?

A digital ear thermometer is a great weapon to have on hand. Especially so in winter when cold and flu symptoms are effecting someone in your family. It is one tool you can consider a partner because it tells you the exact body temperature of your child. I don’t know about you, but I feel more secure knowing how high or low my child’s body temperature is. It gives me an indication of his condition and if I need to rush him to the emergency room.

What are the reasons why our child can have elevated body temperature?

The most common reason why your child could have an elevated temperature or fever is an infection. Fever in itself is not to be considered an illness, but it is an indication of your child’s condition.  The normal body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius. Mild fever is anything above 37.5 up to 39.9 degrees. High fever is 40 degrees and above.

According to, the following infections usually cause fever: chest infections such as bronchiolitis, ear infections, urinary tract infection, flu, chickenpox and sometimes immunization.

When to see a doctor?

It is important to take our child’s temperature when we notice his body to be hot and if he is generally lethargic. We know our child so well that if they are ill, we can tell just by the way they look, talk, or not talk…so a digital ear thermometer is handy in times like these.

An infant less than 3 months old even with mild fever should be taken to a doctor. Babies 3 months to six months who have very high fever must also be taken to a doctor. For older children on the other hand, the situation may vary. The general rule is if the child has other symptoms as well as a fever like: vomiting or diarrhea or both, lethargic, has difficulty breathing, has rashes, pain when urinating, it merits a visit to a doctor.

Learn how easy it can be to take your child’s temperature

It is good to have a digital ear thermometer, but how do you use it? Check out this short video on the Omron TH839S  which records core body temperature quickly and easily with the press of a button.

Omron Ear Thermometer


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