Flash Lash as an Eyebrow Serum for Patchy Sparse Eyebrows

Flash Lash as an Eyebrow Serum for Patchy Sparse Eyebrows

Flash Eyelash Serum Before and After
You can see how it would work on brows if this is what it does to lashes

We all know Flash Lash is recognised for its eyelash boosting power… but what’s often overlooked is it’s ability to be used as an eyebrow serum too!



Being a natural mousy brown, I have always envied those ladies with well defined, shapely eyebrows that really frame their eyes.

Sadly my eyebrows are patchy… and the colour sort of fades out after the arch into blonde barely visible hairs which I have to tint or dye with my hair dye. Which is annoying as it makes plucking my brows and doing my eye makeup in the morning much more time consuming, trying not to remove them in the wrong place, and to get them even.new flash lash - pinterest (1)

Then my brows usually fade during the day … leaving me looking a little disheveled in the evenings or after a workout. So I was interested in hearing about how Flash Eyelash Amplifying Serum also works on patchy light eyebrows.

What does it do?

It nourishes the hair follicle to support growth and help fill out patchy eyebrows, making them appear fuller.  

A side effect of this serum is that it can darken your eyebrow hairs – which is great if you have hair there but it’s close to blonde.

How do you apply Flash Eyelash Serum to your eyebrows?

Flash lash eyebrow serum

It comes in a small tube with a fine paint brush at the end that you use to apply a small amount to the skin under the eyebrows in any area that is sparse or patchy.

Why use Flash as an Eyebrow Serum?

  • Saves drawing them on every day
  • No brows coming off in the pool or at the beach
  • Better shape and definition
  • Frame your eyes and make them pop
  • Great eyebrows can give you an instant face lift

Want to learn more about this product or buy it online? Your can find Flash Eyelash Serum here in our webstore. 


Have your tried Flash Lash on your brows? How did you get on? We would love to hear about your experience or see pictures.

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