Check out Flixonase Nasal Sprays New Packaging

Check out Flixonase Nasal Sprays New Packaging

Running low on flixonase (the generic flonase) and can’t seem to find it in your local store? This is a problem we have had a few customers complain about in store.  What you will find is that the nasal spray has been hiding in plain sight. The brand has had a makeover and changed all of their branding, logo and packaging.  But never fear – we have plenty in stock for you if you are suffering from hayfever and allergies you can find it here.

Flixonase new packaging

Flixonase is one of the most popular brands of hayfever nasal spray.

With the abundance of pollen and allergies here in New Zealand it is easy to see why hayfever is hitting us hard this year. When we are exposed to pollen, grass, animal dander or allergens it can cause inflammation and allergies. These can leave us with a snotty nose, blocked nose, itchy eyes, sinus pain and headaches and general discomfort.

Is antihistamine enough?

With a high incidence of hayfever, sometimes taking an anti-histamine does not offer the right kind of relief. When the problem is localized, you also look for a solution that will treat the problem locally. It treats your allergies and helps prevent them at the source. Acting against 6 types of allergens. It can also be used in conjunction with some hayfever tablets and eye drops ( see a health care professional for more on this).

How does flixonase work?

Allergens enter our bodies and trigger a response from our immune system. This results in the release of allergic substances that cause your allergic symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, irritated eyes, sinus pain, blocked noses, running and itchy nose. This nasal spray targets 6 of these key allergic substances, to treat your symptoms. This makes flixonase perfect if you suffer from allergies at any time of year – be it to pollen, animals, dust or environmental allergens – they have you covered.

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