How to create a DIY Ombre Hairstyle at Home

How to create a DIY Ombre Hairstyle at Home

I am turning 30 this months so I have been looking into the usual pre birthday “rebrand” and change of hair colour. I say its to do with the fact that it is my birthday… but if I am honest its probably more about disguising my grey hairs, which I have noticed sprouting recently. I have been in a bit of a pinterest and instagram frenzy and decided I liked the look of these dip dying kits which we have in at the store at the moment. So I thought it was the perfect time for a DIY Ombre Tutorial in how to create an ombre hair style at home.

So what are these kits for?

Basically this is a DIY Ombre kit with everything you need to dip dye your hair and create a two tone look.  This can add colour, texture and depth to your hair.

Each kit contains.

Smart Powder, Smart Activator, Smart Colour, Brushes, Gloves, Hair Brands and a step by step instruction booklet to walk you through the process.

How to do a DIY Ombre?

Rather then type out the instructions I thought I would include a video that walks you through the steps.

  1. Start with natural un treated unwashed hair
  2. comb it straight and separate it into 4 sections front to back ear to ear (in quarters)
  3. Bind using the hair bands in the kit around 100mm from the ends.
  4. Mix the cream and powder together using the application brush provided.
  5. Apply to the hair evenly into the sections below the hair band
  6. Fold clingfilm or kitchen foil around each pony tail to create a pocket.
  7. Loosely cover the dyed hair with clingfilm and leave it to develop for the desired amount of time until you reach the color you desire.
  8. For natural blonde, light blonde or glossy brunette apply the smart intensive conditioner and the glossy shampoo.

 What do I need?

  • Your DIY ombre kit in the colour of your choice (Check out the end results on some of the smart beauty models)
  • Natural, untreated and unwashed hair.
  • 45 minutes to an hour.

Here are the video tutorials on the specific colour ranges

* Note I noticed on the blonde colours the modles they used had dye in their hair previously. This produced an orange result. A toner would help with the brassy tones (even a hair dresser uses toner – so a toner hair mousse or toner might also be needed to give the desired blonde tone).

Glossy Brunette Ombre Dip Dye Video

Purple Hue

Red Claret

Getting the perfect DIY Obmbre

These kits are dip dyes, which give a very even uniform look as far as the colour goes, If you wanted to blend things in a little bit better then using a tooth brush to brush the hair colour in may give a more natural look.

  1. First pick where you want the colour transition to start (usually between ear and chin level
  2. Clip into sections and pop extra hair on top.
  3. Brush the dye on using a tooth brush or colour brush in a downwards pattern through to the ends. Don’t do it to all of the hair, pick random sections, so the colour cascades through your hair for a more natural look.
  4. After each brush reload the hair dye brush.
  5. Pain random sections to create a more textured look (rather then doing the whole lot – like in the tutorial above.
  6. Once you have done the bottom layer, selecting random sections of hair, drop the next section of hair done until you are complete.
  7. If you want more intense results you can brush the dye through all the lengths of your hair

DIY Ombre BlondeMy two cents

I like the ombre look – I think I prefer it in more natural blonde or brunette tones when its layered in, rather then completely dipped, but I see how the right gal could rock the purple or red hues for a rock’n roll look. Anyway leave me a comment to let me know what you thought of the blog, or if you have any ombre tips you want to share with the other readers.

Where can I buy a DIY Ombre dip dye kit?

You can grab them online from our store, we will pop them in a courier bag and send them out to you (that day if its before 3pm and during the week). Most orders usually arrive in 1 – 2 business days so you can get started on your new look a.s.a.p.

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