Has A Bad Dye Job Left You With Brassy Blonde Hair? Try Hair Toners

Has A Bad Dye Job Left You With Brassy Blonde Hair? Try Hair Toners

When dying your hair you may find your hair looks a little yellow or orange. This can happen whether you are dying your hair at home, or at the hairdressers. The hairdresser will normally put a hair toner through your hair to reveal a head of beautiful blonde locks. But sadly most box colours do not include a toner (nor inform us about them) so we are left hiding in our bathrooms with a towel over our heads.

Why do blonde locks turn “orangey” or brassy when we don’t use a hair toner?

It may surprise you to learn that our hair isn’t one solid colour. Even if you see a dominance of black, brown or blonde, the truth is, many colours combine to give you the colour of hair you see. If your hair is black, did you know that there is an abundance of red pigments hidden underneath that gives depth to black hair.

So how does this relate to having orange or brassy hair? If you have naturally dark coloured hair and you want to make it blonde, it turns orange because you did not lighten it enough to reach blonde. This means that the dark undertones are still there and it gets mixed with the blonde hair dye which makes it orangey. Thus, if you want to get perfectly blonde coloured hair, you need to reach the yellow stage where the majority of the red pigments have been bleached. And this is where hair toners come in.

 Use hair toners to bring out that flashy blonde hair

So if you strike Gold or Orange at home…Don’t be alarmed! This issue is easily solved by using a toner. “What? Toner?”

Hair Toners

These are products that neutralise the brassy yellow and orange tones that happen to bleached hair. It helps give bleached hair a more natural looking tone as well as make the hair look shinier and healthier. These usually come in purple-blue tints.

Hair Toner Basic Information

  • Hair toners do not lift the shade of the hair. These only alter the undertone of a hair colour,  and so only work on bleached or blonde hair.  It will never work on darker hair.
  • Toners can help make the blonde locks look cooler and more “ashy”. It can even produce different colours like pink or purple.
  • They can be used on all of your hair or as a highlighter by applying it on specific parts of the hair.
  • If you frequently wash your hair or often swim in chlorinated water, you will need to tone your hair more frequently.

To know more about hair toners is your assurance that you will be using the right product for your hair type, like these products I have discovered.

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Will help reverse the brassiness and hair damage from colouring to neutralise yellow tones in blonde hair. In order to make colour-treated hair appear lighter and brighter.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Conditioner


This product will help develop a semi-permanent hair dye and helps light hair develop to dark hair. It can also be used to tone the hair.


MYHD No Lift Developer 100ml


Neutralise and eliminate unwanted yellow gold tones to help restore natural looking blonde tones. It also adds condition and shine to dull and dry blonde hair and helps revive and brighten naturally grey or white hair.

Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner

Get The Blonde Hair You Have  Always Wanted!


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