What Are Your Best Head Lice Treatment Options in 2019?

What Are Your Best Head Lice Treatment Options in 2019?

ead Lice Treatment

Well it’s official! The kids are back at school. FREEDOM! But if you are the proud owner of a youngster, often the return of the school term often means the return of head lice! These little critters tend to jump from child to child during play and love a clean scalp – so don’t think of nits as a sign your family has poor personal hygiene. While the best bet is to sure they don’t bring any new friends (or foe) home with them in their hair. We have a range of products to help you get on top of these unwanted visitors.

What is the best head lice product for my kids?

Head lice can become immune to particular ingredients in head lice shampoos and sprays. The New Zealand health authorities determine which products are the most effective in any given season, and they only make those available on the market. So if you notice your favorite product isn’t for sale, this is most likely why.

Your favorite product will usually return in one or two season’s time, but if you find we are our of stock of your favorite product, this is usually why.

How to prevent head lice


Head Lice Treatment

Counter strike with head lice repellent.

If you are sick of picking nits out of your child’s hair every school term then a head lice repellant could be worth a look. These are simple spray in products like Botanica Mr Nits One Application. A specially blended with botanical oils that detach lice from their host hair, thereby killing the eggs. Parasidose Lice Repellent Spray. Specially formulated to prevent lice from coming back, also helps prevent scalp from becoming infested. Kit and Coco Complete Treatment 4x25ml. A complete head lice treatment that also eliminates the nits. It comes with four single dose shampoos, a gentle comb and a shower cap.

You can use these as a counter strike at the start of the school term, or if the school sends a letter home about head lice.

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How to treat your child’s scalp and hair for head lice.

Check your child’s scalp once a week and look out for any white egg sacks or lice. Should your child have lice they will start to lay eggs after 7 days.

  1. Treat your child’s hair and scalp at the first sign of lice to kill any live head lice
  2. Then again in 7 days to kill any eggs that may have hatched.
  3. Wash all pillow cases, hats, and clothing and iron (Head lice hate heat!)

The years top 2 most popular head lice Treaments in New Zealand are

 Licener Headlice Treatment, Moov Headlice Solution ( based on our in-store sales volumes.) We recommend using a lice comb to help get rid of any eggs and dead lice.

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Learn more about the head lice treatments available this season in our online store or call 0800 000 980 to talk to our friendly staff about your head lice options.


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