How does Hirudoid Gel Work?

How does Hirudoid Gel Work?

Hirudoid gel can be used on burns, veins and bruises to support the skin after injury. One frequently asked question we here is “How does Hirudoid Gel Work?”, so we wanted to put together an infographic with more information on how to use it for different ailments and what it does.

Hirudoid Bruise & Vein Infographic

After we learned about how Hirudoid works, it is best to learn more about scarring.

First, let’s find out what causes scarring.

Tears, cuts, surgery, and acne can all result in scarring. But the real cause is an imbalance between replication rate of fibroblasts versus skin cells. Hence, when the fibroblasts replicate faster than the skin cells, this results in a dense network of fibroblasts commonly known as scar!

Second, let’s learn about preventing scarring?

  • Avoid exposing the healing wound to UV rays as this can mean a burn on top of a burn.
  • Then, put vitamin E (in any form convenient for you) on the skin after the wound has completely closed.
  • Furthermore, avoid too much movement or tension on the site of the wound as this may irritate the healing area.
  • Also, put hydrogen peroxide on the wound as first aid to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Likewise, use topical antibiotic to speed the healing process and prevent infection.
  • In addition, do not scratch or pick on your wound, especially when it’s healing.
  • Finally, use over the counter creams specially formulated for minimizing scar appearance.

Third, let’s check how does it work?

13329394_1731025317166275_4876074853132532251_oIt speeds up the healing process.  MPS or mucopolysaccharides is the main ingredient. Since its composition is similar to naturally occurring MPS found in the human body’s dermis, it helps in the healing process. Dermis is the upper layer of the skin and where the skin’s healing process rely on.  As a result,  it is MPS in the skin tissue that helps facilitate this process. Most of all, MPS found in Hirudoid were clinically documented to promote regeneration
of skin tissues. As well as reduce swelling and inflammation.

So, how does Hirudoid accelerates the healing process?

  • First of all, it improves the blood flow to the affected area.
  • In addition, it promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Furthermore, it increases collagen and elastin fibers in the connective tissue.
  • As well as improves the moisturizing capacity of the skin.
  • It likewise increases hyaluronic acid content.
  • And accelerates absorption of the bruises.
  • Finally, it reduces the swelling and inflammation.

Fourth, let’s learn about interesting facts about Hirudoid.

  • Surface scarring develops within 4-8 weeks following wound infection.
  • Keloids may develop up to several years following minor injuries.
  • Men and women have equal chances of getting scars following minor injury or wound infection.
  • 40%-70% chances one will develop scar after surgery
  • 91% after getting a burn
  • Dark-skinned individuals are more prone to developing keloids.

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Where can I buy Hirudoid?


Hirudoid cream is a great option if you have scars or bruises. And can be shipped to your door in New Zealand overnight or Internationally in under a week. You can find Hirudoid in two sizes 14g and 40g in our online store.




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