Your Guide To Home Wart Treatments in New Zealand

Your Guide To Home Wart Treatments in New Zealand

Have you ever looked down and noticed a wart on your foot? First of all, did you know they are contagious and they could spread to other parts of your body. In Addition they can also spread to anyone who shares a floor or shower with you. So what are your options as far as home wart treatments go? If you need help and you are not sure where to start, then check read on for your options and why you should consider them.

Use wart treatments and Bandages to stop them from spreading

Warts can be unsightly and painful… especially plantar warts on your feet. When it comes to warts it is important to treat them to prevent them from spreading on other body parts. If you walk around in bare feet, or share a shower or locker room with others – your warts could spread to their feet. So it is important to persist with treatment.

What are warts?

Wart Treatments
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Warts are caused by a virus on your skins surface, it can enter through a cut or abrasion and cause the top layer of skin to grow rapidly. Warts can sometimes be painful, unsightly and contagious. You can find warts anywhere on the body, but common places are the hands (common warts) and feet (plantar warts).

Choosing the right products for wart treatments.

You will find a number of different products including Plasters, Paints, Files and Freezing Solutions (that use the same ingredients your doctor would use to burn off warts).

Wart Pens

Wart Paints

Duofilm is a wart paint that uses two types of acid to remove the layers of skin on top of the wart and the wart itself. It takes time to get to the root of the wart. Use daily to burn off the wart and remember to keep the area covered and change your dressings daily to avoid the wart spreading.

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Wart Plasters

Because it uses cryotherapy technology, Dermal Therapy Wartstop is an effective and easy to use product that is specially formulated to assist in the elimination of plantar and common warts. As a result it freezes the warts, that then causes them to fall off.

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Scholl Wart Removal System with a targeted medicated action for safe and effective removal. Therefore, Salicylic acid breaks down the hardened skin cells that make up the wart. The Scholl medicated disc system helps protect the healthy surrounding skin.

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Freeze Off warts

Warts are caused by a virus on your skins surface, it can enter through a cut or abrasion and causes the top layer of skin to grow rapidly. Scholl Freeze Verruca and Wart Remover is a fast effective way to remove warts and verrucas using the freezing method. Similarly  Wartie Wart Remover Precision Tip has been specially designed to freeze warts by applying cold through its metal tip for fast, safe and effective removal of warts at home. Also Warner Planatar Water Remover is World’s #1 Wart Freezing Brand! – Freezes Plantar Warts with a Single Treatment!  Treats up to 10 warts and is a fast and effective treatment for the removal of plantar warts.

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