How does Lacteeze work?

How does Lacteeze work?

There are times when allergies really suck! Especially when travelling or dining at a friends when you can not indulge in the cheeseboard to delicate dairy filled dessert… If there are times when you simply can not avoid dairy products – then lacteeze is a possible option for you.

It comes in tablets for adults and drops for infants and supports your body’s ability to break down lactose in the body using an enzyme called lacteeze.

Here is an infographic on how it works.




The product is available as tablets or drops, which work to:

  • Temporarily replaces the lactase enzyme in your digestive system
  • Assist lactose intolerant people  in digesting lactose


  • The tablets are taken just before eating anything containing lactose (dairy).
  • Suitable for people consuming liquids (such as milk) or solids (such as ice cream or pizza).

They are very convenient to use.

  • Simply chew or swallow 1-3 tablets just before consuming dairy foods such as milk, pizza, cheese or ice cream.
  • The more dairy you eat, the more LACTEEZE you will need.
  • Any excess enzyme is simply eliminated from the body through the digestive system.
  • For young children, you may want to crush the tablet in a little bit of water or jam if the child doesn’t like chewing tablets.

Extra Strength for adults – pleasant taste – peppermint flavour

How long does it last?

The tablets increase your level of lactase enzyme for about one hour (less in children). After this time the tablets passed through the digestive system where it is needed, so if you want to consume more dairy, you need to repeat the dose.


are mixed with dairy that is in a liquid form (such as milk, breast-milk or infant formula) and the mixture is left for a while so that the drops converts the lactose in the dairy into a more digestible form of milk sugar.

Lacteeze Drops can be used to reduce lactose content in fresh milk, reconstituted milk, canned condensed milk, breast-milk, infant formula, creams, chocolate milk and any other fluid milk products.

Milk that has been converted with the drops has a slightly sweeter taste although nutritionally the milk is not affected.

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