How to get long lashes in 2 easy steps

How to get long lashes in 2 easy steps

We all know what a pain in the butt sticking on fake lashes can be, if you manage to avoid sticking your fingers together… there is usually a pretty high chance the lash will end up sticking out of the corner of your eye half way through the night.

Or if you are anything like me, you will end up poking yourself in the eye with the tweezers and all your eye makeup will run and you have to start from scratch.FLASH AMPLIFYNG EYELASH SERUM 3ML (Special buy online only)

I guess that is why Flash Lash Amplifying Serum keeps selling out. Because you get all the flash from your real lashes.

A Flash Lash Review from Lesley…

” Fast results – So after having lash extensions continuously over the last 2 years, my lashes were broken, bald and severely damaged and most of my lash technicians refused to apply lashes. Desperately I googled lash serums and obviously the more expensive serums seemed to be the better ones. However I decided to look at the cheaper ones also that were more in my price range and chose to try out the Flash amplifying eyelash serum. Well 3 weeks into it and I’ve noticed my lashes have become fuller already. Wow, I didn’t expect to see results so quick so as you can imagine I’m super happy with my decision. It says you will start to see results in 8 weeks so I cant wait to see how my lashes are going to look then. I cant think of any cons at this stage, only remembering to apply it every evening. There is a slight sting when you apply it, nothing major and it only lasts a couple of seconds. I highly recommend this product especially considering its at the lower end of the price range :)” – By Leslie Mathews

TIP: You can also use flash lash on light or patchy eyebrows as it can darken and help nourish to support brow growth.

You can find a video and everything you need to know about flash here.

Now I know that you like to take care of yourself and look your best so I also wanted to tell you about another great eyelash and brow product we love is 1000 hours eyelash and brow tinting kits.


The reason I started using these kits originally was that I was heading away on holiday to Vanuatu, and I didn’t want to have panda eyes in all of my photo’s.

  • Each tint lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • Waterproof so no panda eyes
  • You can apply it at home.
  • 12 Tints (so around 2 years worth of eyelash tints ends up costing you less than one salon tint).
  • It takes 15 minutes to apply and develop and lasts for over a month

Here is a video on how to apply

You can find your shade here…

1000 HOUR EYELASH AND BROW DYE DARK BROWN (Special buy online only)1000 HOUR EYELASH AND BROW DYE BLACK BROWN (Special buy online only)1000 HOUR EYELASH AND BROW DYE BLACK (Special buy online only)1000 HOUR EYELASH AND BROW DYE BLUE BLACK (Special buy online only)

I find these products are great for enhancing your natural beauty, during they day I don’t need to wear mascara, and when I do I can add volume and length easily and really make my eyes pop with an eyeliner.

Where to buy these products: 1000 hour eyelash tinting kits    Flash Lash Amplifying Serum 

Do you have any questions? Have you tried this product? I would love to connect with the readers so please be sure to leave me a comment or share this article with any beauty addicts you may know. See you next time. xx Lucy

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