What are Insect Repellent Types? Which One Suits you Best?

What are Insect Repellent Types? Which One Suits you Best?

Summer does not only mean that you are getting exposed to the harsh and damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, but also to insect bites which can be equally as dangerous to the extent of even being fatal. Learn in this blog post the different insect repellent types that will suit your every use.insect repellent types

Don’t you just love to explore the outdoors? Not even mosquito bites or other insects that carry illnesses can stop us. If this is the case, then what is the best solution? Insect repellent! It has now become so popular that all kinds and forms of insect repellent have been developed to help address this growing need.

The different types of insect repellent and each one’s advantages:



  • A bracelet that contains no DEET, but all natural essential oils like citronella.
  • Made with known properties to help exude scents that are rather irritating to the bugs but not harmful to humans.
  • Child-friendly with very minimal active participation.
  • Just put it on and it may effectively last for up to 200 hours.
  • Ideal for camps as kids don’t need to re-apply, simply wear and it will continuously work.
  • Waterproof and sweat resistant


  • Works like a bracelet
  • May be put either on the wrist or ankle
  • Made with all natural essential oils
  • Long-lasting, it may last for up to 15 days
  • Most ideal for long trips that require a lot of outdoor exposure
  • Does not have direct contact with the skin
  • Ideal for infants and those with sensitive skin


  • Can be chemical-based or naturally derived
  • Sprayed either directly on the body or in the air
  • Should be used with caution because it can have a number of side-effects (e.g. nausea, mouth ulcers, burning and blisters.)


  • Easy to use
  • Non-flammable
  • Travel-safe


  • The most common and traditional form
  • Can either be chemical-based or naturally derived
  • Some are formulated very light and non-greasy
  • Safe for travel because it is non-flammable

With this variety of insect repellents, you now have a choice of which one will best suit your needs and lifestyle. There are no more worries about getting stuck with just one kind as you can choose from these many options!


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