The Best Kids Allergies Hay Fever Relief in New Zealand

The Best Kids Allergies Hay Fever Relief in New Zealand

Do you have itchy kids with allergies? Sneezing and spluttering? There is  nothing worse than Kids Allergies. It can be really stressful – especially because many of the adult hayfever treatments we might have for ourselves are not suitable for infants and children. So it can be hard to find the right products for your needs. Also you want to make sure it is allergies and hayfever and not something like a virus – so you know which remedies to reach for. Once you are sure that it is hayfever it is best to reach for a kids product to help support them back to good health. Below I am going to walk you through our best selling kids hayfever options – including some more natural options so you can make an informed choice.

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What is hayfever and how do you differentiate it from cold virus?

Most often than not parents of children who get hay fever makes the mistake of identifying the symptoms as cold virus. Perhaps what they don’t realize is that the symptoms are very similar, except that hay fever is caused by allergens, usually pollens from plants, trees and grass while cold virus is caused by the virus.

Another way to determine for sure if what your child is suffering from is hay fever or cold virus is the duration their symptoms last. A cold virus only lasts for 2 weeks, while hay fever can last for the entire duration of the season when pollens are high and these are during summer and spring time. You also need to observe if your child only exhibits the symptoms at a particular time of the day or a particular season of the year then you can safely conclude that he is experiencing from hay fever and not a cold virus.

What are the common symptoms of kids allergies?

Depending on the type of kids allergies and allergic reaction you have, you may experience some of these symptoms. Inflammation of the nose lining or more popularly known as rhinitis. When the allergens are inhaled these are trapped by the natural mucus and filter system of the nose. What happens then is the nose will release the chemical called histamine, which then leads to blocked and swollen nose linings. Being exposed to the pollens continuously may lead to alteration in nasal sensitivity such that if a person is exposed to the same allergen, even just a small amount can lead to ongoing symptoms. Sneezing is another very common characteristic of hay fever and it is usually accompanied by itching and watery eyes, intense itching of the nose and some time on a very rare occasion, photophobia or intolerance of light.

What are the common treatments and remedies for kids with allergies?

There is an ongoing debate whether as early as childhood we should already subject our children to all sorts of pills and nasal sprays that contain synthetic chemicals. Although the medical field has been claiming or disclaiming any adverse side effects on our children’s body, we as parents should also try to find out alternative means of helping kids with allergies.

Sanderson Junior Ester Plex C 300mg 110 Chewable Tablets

Specially made for children, this 300mg formulation is ideal to support your child’s immune system. Formulated as high potency and chewable estered Vitamin C with natural co-factors for optimal bioavailability. Contains superior low allergy ingredients

Sanderson Junior Ester Plex C 300mg 110 Chewable Tablets
Sanderson Junior Ester Plex C 300mg 110 Chewable Tablets

Clinician Allerstop Tablets

Clinicians Allerstop Chewable Tablets contain bioactive proteins that block irritants even before they affect the nasal passage. This all natural proprietary blend is made of specialised proteins isolated from quail eggs. To provide immune support and work rapidly to respond to indoor and outdoor allergens. Perfect for kids and also great if you’re pregnant.

Clinicians Allerstop
Clinicians Allerstop 30 Chewable Tablets

Kiwiherb Kids Calm Syrup

A naturopathic preparation made with natural fruits, Kiwiherb Kids Calm is a delicious syrup that helps calm irritable or over-excited infants and children.

Kiwiherb Kids Calm
Kiwiherb Kids Calm 50ml

Diet and allergies

There are a lot of research showing that a healthy diet and exercise will definitely help ease if not prevent the symptoms of hay fever. But this may be tough to apply on our kids. I mean, how many children do we know actually enjoy eating the most recommended food to combat this disease. Garlic, fruits and vegetables, a lot of green leafy vegetables in their diet it may be easy to convince us, adults, that this food will definitely help us, but what about our kids?

Your options for kids allergies.

Claratyne Kids Allergies Tablets

A great tasting chewable tablet, it provides immediate relief from symptoms of allergies and hayfever and lasts up to 24 hours. Give it once a day and your child will be able to enjoy the rest of the day without sneezing and itching.

Claratyne Children’s Chewable Tablets Grape Flavoured
Claratyne Children’s Chewable Tablets Grape Flavoured 30 Tablets


Dimetapp Kids Nasal Spray

A saline nasal irrigation, Dimetapp Saline Nasal Spray for Kids 3-5 years old offers relief from congested sinuses to allow children to breathe easier.

Dimetapp Saline Nasal Spray for Kids 3-5 years
Dimetapp Saline Nasal Spray for Kids 3-5 years


Otrivin Junior Nasal Spray

This is a nasal spray for kids that can be used to fight symptoms of hay fever while decongesting the nasal passages and relieve the discomfort caused by hay fever, colds, sinus problems and allergies.

Otrivin Junior Spray
Otrivin Junior Spray 10ml


Histaclear Antihistamines

Antihistamine tablet specially formulated to provide fast and effective relief from symptoms associated with perennial or seasonal allergic rhinitis or hayfever. It can also be taken to provide relief for signs of chronic urticaria or hives and other skin allergic reactions. Generic to Zyrtec.

Histaclear for Kids Allergies
Histaclear 10mg Tablets 30s

To choose the most suitable option for your child is a tough decision. This is why we encourage you to visit the allergy section of our online catalogue or talk to our friendly staff about your options.  


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