The Wonders of Lash Growth Serums

Why is it that celebrities always seem to have long luscious lashes in a magazine? Is it photoshop? Or do they have a secret weapon up there sleeve? Do you look in the mirror dreaming of longer lashes, lash extensions or being able to put on false eyelashes without poking yourself in the eye? Well, you are not alone!. The cool thing is there are some Lash Growth Serums available which can give your eyelashes a little support in looking their best… without messy glues, extensions or eye gouging.

How can I support my natural lashes to grow longer?

Sometimes your lashes can be dry and brittle from using products like eyeliners and mascaras. Just like you condition your hair to stop breakage and support growth, Lash Growth Serum can help nourish your lash roots to support healthier lashes.

There was a time when lash serums were only available by prescription for 100’s of dollars. but we are seeing some more affordable serums like flash lash amplifying serum (which we got in store this month) and Ardell Lash Grow the Enhancer in New Zealand stores for general purchase.

How was lash serum discovered?

Latisse is a prescription-only product that supports the growth of eyelashes. The active ingredient present in Latisse, bimatoprost, is the same drug that is used for treating glaucoma or ocular hypertension under the name Lumigan. Ophthalmologists saw that the medication did not only improve on glaucoma it also made the patients’ eyelashes grow longer, darker and fuller… And thus lash growth serums were born.

Over the counter Lash Growth Serums

We stock two over the counter lash serums in our store which seem to be selling like hot cakes after featuring in the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, NZ Herald on Television in Recent Months.

Flash Amplifying Eyelash Serum – A serum which you paint on like an eyeliner every day before putting on makeup. When used for 3 months if may give results for up to 6 months.

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