Levrix Allergy Tablets

New in store Levrix Allergy Tablets. Here is Jeff our pharmacist to tell you a little more about the New Antihistamine and how it works.

Levrix allergy Tablets

Levrix is a new product that has arrived in store this week. After searching on the internet I realised there was not a lot of information around about this product, so I thought I would throw a video together to let you know about this new generation of antihistamine.

Sometimes if we are prone to allergies and take antihistamines frequently, we may start to find the antihistamine does not work as well as it use to. The product uses a slightly different main ingredient which is said to work when other antihistamines do not.

Levrix uses the Active Ingredient levocetirizine 5mg to give

  • Fast Acting
  • Non Drowsy
  • Once a day
  • Powerful hayfever and allergy relief.
What are the symptoms of hayfever?
Sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, red eyes, itchy eyes, skin irritation.
Spring is the season for hayfever and the symptoms can really interrupt your day. If your current antihistamine is not cutting it. Give us a call on 0800 000 980 to speak to one of our pharmacists about Levrix and talk about its benefits, side effects and interactions or check it out in our online catalogue.

Available in 3 Sizes – Lexrix 4 Pack    Levrix 10 Pack    Levrix 30 Pack


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