2 Magnesium Chloride Supplements in the Spotlight

2 Magnesium Chloride Supplements in the Spotlight


Lately, I have been hooked on reading about Magnesium Chloride Supplements – a very powerful mineral that is crucial for so many functions of the body but is easily lost when we sweat, exercise, hang out in hot temperatures or eat junk.

Because our body can’t produce it we need to make sure we are getting enough in our diet from food. Or supplements when our diet needs some support.

If you are considering a magnesium chloride supplement you have a few options.

Now there are the usual Tablets, Powders which most of us have taken at some point in our lives. And two other options which are magnesium in its liquid form.

Oral Liquid magnesium chloride – which can be mixed with juice or water and taken as an oral supplement. Because its a liquid its more easily absorbed because it doesn’t need to be broken down in the gut with food.

Topical Magnesium Oil – which is absorbed into the body by massaging it into the skin.  Because the skin is the largest organ in the body it is a direct source to support your magnesium levels. Letting you absorb magnesium up to 12 times faster than oral supplements.

Here are two magnesium chloride supplements in the spotlight


  • 45% Magnesium Chloride solution
  • 1ml provides 54mg of magnesium chloride
  • Oral liquid solution
  • Can be mixed with water or fruit juice
Clinicians Magnesium Chloride 45% Oral Solution 200ml
Clinicians Magnesium Chloride 45% Oral Solution 200ml



  • Transdermal application by spraying onto skin and massaging in
  • Delivers only the purest form of magnesium chloride
  • Comes from an ultra-pure and remote underground source far away from man-made pollutants
  • Drawn from the ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe.
  • Filtered under cold processing methods to preserve integrity.
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 240ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 240ml

Who might use a Magnesium Chloride Supplement?

  • Anyone who thinks they might be lacking in magnesium
  • Those in hot temperatures or that exercise regularly
  • People not getting enough magnesium from their diet


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