Magnesium oil and athletic performance

Found a great video by Mike Mahler on magnesium’s possible benefits to athletic performance, hormone levels, DHEA, and weight training.

Watch this video – Mike Mahler, Kettlebell Guru, on Magnesium



What is this magnesium video all about?

  • 0.02 Magnesium key for athletes
  • 0.20 DHA hormones and testosterone
  • 0.57 Premature Aging
  • 1.24 work out recovery and sleep support
  • 1.39 Sleep support
  • 1.49 Pain support
  • 2.00 Insulin sensitivity
  • 2.20 Hormone optimisation
  • 2.30 Heart health, cardiovascular health, bone health support
  • 2.45 High quality source of magnesium

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