3 Nappy Rash Secrets You Wish Your Mother Had Told You

3 Nappy Rash Secrets You Wish Your Mother Had Told You

Nappy RashAs a Mum (or dad) when you are changing your babies nappy, it can be heartbreaking when you see them suffering with sore, uncomfortable nappy rash. Sadly babies do not come with a manual, it is very much a learn as you go process! Looking after your delicate little bundle of joy can be stressful. When they suffer a nappy rash we panic. But here are secrets to ease baby’s rashes.

When it comes to treating these rashes there are a few things you need to know about nappy rash and its causes, so you can treat your babies nappy rash and prevent them from getting more in the future. We have put together this blog with 3 tips our mum told us, to help keep your baby’s bottom as soft as… well a baby’s bottom.

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What is Nappy Rash?

Nappy rash is a form of contact dermatitis that usually occurs when there is prolonged contact of the skin with a mixture of urine and faeces, and skin is left wet and unable to breathe.

How do I treat Nappy Rash?

Clean: When you change your babies nappy it is a good idea to wipe and clean your babies bottom then pat it dry.

Breath: Let babies skin dry and get some air between changes.

Protect: Using a barrier cream as barrier protection is a good first step Zinc Oxide is an excellent treatment and protectant. A good barrier cream will let your babies skin breath while creating a barrier against further irritation so your babies skin can begin to heal.

Bepanthen Ointment, or Daktozin oinment or Curash are great because they creates a waterproof barrier on your babies skin to protect against irritation so that the natural healing process can begin. So remember: Clean. Dry. Protect!

A nappy rash powder like Murid Skin relief cream can be sprinkled on while your changing a nappy to help absorb moisture and create an enviroment that babies skin can start its own natural healing process.

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