How to use Nascent Iodine drops for Iodine Deficiency

How to use Nascent Iodine drops for Iodine Deficiency

Iodine is a very important essential nutrient for humans. And you only need a very small amount for the body to get the benefits. Yet, there are still those who suffer from iodine deficiency, a reason for them to turn to supplementation, such as a bio available iodine supplement. Nascent Iodine is one example of iodine supplement. What’s good about this product is it is recognised by the body as similar to what it naturally produces. 

Nascent Iodine is highly absorbable.

Nascent Iodine Drops is  a consumable form of iodine supplement that comes in an atomic form rather than molecular form. This means it is easily recognised by the thyroid gland as the same as what it manufactures.girl-1561989_1920

Iodine is essential for the proper function of the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is made up of thyroid hormones. And these hormones are responsible for the body’s metabolic state and for supporting the normal growth and development of children. It is also important for normal brain development; thus, essential that pregnant women get enough iodine to ensure that their growing baby will have sufficient intake. As much as iodine is important for babies in the womb, it is likewise important for children to aid in their proper growth and development. Do you know that one of the main causes of stunted growth is iodine deficiency?

Iodine deficiency is again becoming a concern in New Zealand

There is a re-emergence of iodine deficiency in New Zealand as recently evidenced in a number of studies. Based on a study by Skeaff in 2005*, breastfed infants have less than half of the iodine levels of formula-fed infants. This is a reflection of low iodine concentration in breast milk because there are poor iodine levels in breastfeeding mothers.  And because of this alarming widespread of iodine deficiency, more and more Kiwis are considering taking iodine supplementation. But not all iodine supplements are easily absorbed and assimilated into the system. And this translates to iodine not having the proper effect and benefits will not be maximised.


How do you use Nascent Iodine to get its full benefits?

Since it comes in liquid drop form, Nascent Iodine is simple to use. It is best to place up to 6 drops directly under the tongue. But if you are not too keen on doing this, you may also mix it with water or juice to make it more palatable.

Moreover, it is best taken in the morning or early afternoon 30 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after. Do not take it after 4 PM as it has the tendency to increase your metabolic rate which may cause you to be awake all night.  

Simple, effective and easily absorbed — all in one iodine supplement. For more information about Nascent Iodine, check it out on our website.

Nascent Iodine Drops 25ml

Nascent Iodine Drops 25ml

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