Where to Buy Natural Hayfever Remedies in New Zealand

Where to Buy Natural Hayfever Remedies in New Zealand

Is the pollen really getting to you this yaer? Do you sneeze whenever you are near a bunch flowers? How about when you jog in the morning, do you get a congested and stuffy nose? Hayfever sucks when you can’t get outside and enjoy the outdoors. When it is hayfever season you wake up feeling stuffy, foggy and not yourself and it can be really hard to concentrate. So what are your options? Antihistamines? Supplements? Nasal Sprays? Eye drops? And what about if you are ill, pregnancy or unable to use antihistamines? In this blog we explore Natural hayfever remedies and what options you can choose from.

Natural hayfever remedies – what are they?

The word natural means that there are no chemical components in a medicinal preparation. It also means that the ingredients used are from nature. This can either be from herbs, fruits or vegetables. So, natural hayfever remedies are medicinal or homeopathic preparations. In addition, it aims to support nutrition in order for the body to improve immunity. As compared to over-the-counter hayfever medications that suppress the symptoms. It is interesting to. It is interesting to note that there are some people who are prone to allergies. And the main connection is the state of health and wellbeing of the person.

Do you know that most unhealthy people suffer from allergies?

People who have weak adrenal, immune and digestive functions often suffer from allergies. And when the body is not at its best to fight irritants, it reacts to a point of showing symptoms. So, natural treatments are useful in supporting and improving the various functions of the body. As a result, they help alleviate the symptoms. Therefore, the primary role of natural hayfever remedies is to improve the overall health of the person. And in the process, increase immunity to decrease allergic reactions.

Your natural hayfever options:

There are several types of natural remedies to help alleviate allergy symptoms. This range from natural supplements to nasal sprays and gels. Here are some of these products worth checking.

Natural hayfever supplements.

There are a number of supplements on the market with ingredients that are recognize for supporting your body during times of allergies. Kiwiherb Kids Calm is a naturopathic preparation that contains all natural ingredients including Chamomile which help to soothe irritated children. Clinicians Allerstop Tablets are an all natural anti-allergy chewable tablet that contains bioactive proteins. These works to block irritants even before affecting the nasal passage. This is one of our best-selling allergy products as it is suitable during pregnancy and for children. Sanderson Sinus.

Sanderson Sinus and Allergy FX are made of a unique botanical blend and enzymes infused with vitamin C. Specially formulated to aid in regulating the formation of mucous. And draining it to the stomach in order to help prevent complications. All Natural Kids Allergy Lollipops are great for fussy kids as they are a specially made lozenge on a stick to serve as a lolly. It helps give relief from symptoms of hayfever. Made with all natural ingredients with known properties to support the body during hayfever attack. Easy to administer and great flavor.

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Natural Nasal Sprays and Gels

Aside from natural supplements, there are also natural hayfever remedies that offers immediate relief because of targetted application. One product is Clinicians Nasal Clear Spray 25ml. A specially formulated naturopath preparation containing natural plant sugar.  Furthermore, this acts quickly and effectively to help clear the build up of bacteria in the nasal passages. It also helps support the inner ear health as well as help soothe your nose and throat. The other is Botanica Hayfever Gel 5g. An herbal nasal topical spray using the active ingredient Quercetin.  It assists the body’s natural response to atmospheric allergens such as air pollution, dust, and pollen. It works to provide a protective barrier. And delivers the active ingredients directly to the nasal membranes to help soothe and moisturize the nose.

Get your life back and enjoy any season of the year. And don’t worry about hayfever and the nasties in conventional hayfever medicines. Choose from among these natural hayfever remedies and support your body during hayfever attack.



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