How to Get Perfect No Heat Curls While you Sleep

How to Get Perfect No Heat Curls While you Sleep

Everyone has been buzzing about no heat hair curls after they featured on a breakfast show in New Zealand last week.

So I thought I would give them a go after my sister gave me a little more instruction on her blog.

no heat hair curls

The basic idea is that you wrap your damp hair around a headband before you go to bed, sleep on it, wake up and have perfect soft curls. Then all that is left to do is apply some serum and hairspray for a nice shine.

How to do No Heat Curls

Step one – Apply a curling foam spray to dampen hair.

Step two – Apply a head band like a crown over your head.

Step three – grab segments of hair and pull them over and under in loops over the head band. Then grab the remaining hair and the next segment and pull over and over, repeat  until all of your hair is looped around the head band. (My flatmate told me I looked like I had a donut on my head by the time I was finished)

Step four – Sleep on it or wait for your hair to dry.

Step five – Remove the head band and finger comb to soften ringlets

Step six – Rub some anti frizz serum through your hair and lightly apply to the ends and smooth down any frizz.

Step sevenHair spray to hold the hair curls.

Cedel Hair Spray - Firm
Cedel Hair Spray – Firm

Step eight – WORK IT! You know you look gorgeous with your Hair Curls!

I am a total convert and think I will be sleeping with a head band in all winter, this is the  nicest my hair has looked in months.

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