Get Accurate Readings With Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Get Accurate Readings With Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Did not know that taking your blood pressure on a regular basis is one way to make sure that you can prevent any sudden surge.  But monitoring your blood pressure needs to yield accurate readings. Why? Whether you are hypertensive who regularly monitors blood pressure or someone who just wants to regularly check, it is important to get an accurate reading.  But this will all depend on the type of blood pressure monitor equipment you will use. The Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced technology that gives an accurate digital reading. So, there is no guessing game whether your ears tricked on you.

Why use Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitor?

There are many reasons why you should opt to use a digital blood pressure machine, like Omron. Aside from its accuracy features, it also provides for heart rate and keeps a memory of past readings. You don’t need to write them down or keep a track of the results in your mind. You simply go back to the memory by pressing the arrow button.  It is also very easy to use and you can even use it on yourself, no need to have assistance. And because it is very handy,  you can take it anywhere for a quick reading of your blood pressure, anywhere anytime. 

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How to take your blood pressure using  Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and get accurate readings fast.


Step 1 – Place the cuff over your arm and wrap it around it, ensuring that it is not too tightly locked. Your thumb must be facing upward.
Step 2 –   See to it that the cuff is not covering any protruding part of the bone on the outside of the elbow.
Step 3 – Using either the left or right wrist in taking the measurement, sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor. Be reminded of the following: 1) relax and make sure that you are comfortable;  2) do not eat, smoke or exercise 30 minutes prior to taking your blood pressure, 3) make sure that the cuff is at the same level as your heart; 4) relax your wrist and hand; 5) place your free hand under the elbow where the wrist cuff is placed; 6) do not bend your wrist or clench your fist.
Step 4 – Press the START/STOP button to start the machine. You will notice that the cuff will start to inflate automatically. Take note of the reading for monitoring.
Step 6 – Remove the cuff and remove the unit.

Taking your blood pressure is as important as taking your medication. But using the right blood pressure machine will make the difference in the result. So why not use Omron Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.  Learn more about  Omron Blood Pressure Monitor from our Webstore.


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