Avoid Winter Weight Gain with the Help of Optifast VCLD

Avoid Winter Weight Gain with the Help of Optifast VCLD

Optifast VCLD for weight lossLosing weight is becoming a growing concern among men and women. A lot of weight issues stem from our fastpaced lifestyle. It was even made worse with the lack of activities and consuming large amounts of packaged junk food. This typical lifestyle has created a huge population of people with big bellies and wider hips.  What most people don’t know is that the body can only efficiently burn around 2000 calories a day. And anything in excess is going to be stored as fat. This is where a calorie controlled shake during the day can help you, as you stopped running on energy from food, and start to burn stored fat in the body, this process is called ketosis and is the basis of the Optifast VCLD program.


Optifast VCLD stands for “Very Local Calorie Diet”

What is the basic definition of overweight?

Being overweight is not gained overnight. And so it is only logical to presume that losing it will also take a long time to achieve. Overweight, by standards, is when a person weighs 10% or more of what is his or her recommended or ideal healthy weight. A standard in determining whether a person is overweight or not is called BMI or Body Mass Index.

What are the factors in becoming overweight?

One of the most common reasons why people become overweight is the lifestyle. We cannot deny that modern lifestyle point to two major contributing factors for becoming overweight. First is the overconsumption of fatty foods found in fast food. Second, sedentary lifestyle.

How to lose weight?

The good news about it is can be easily addressed by making better choices. One is by burning more calories. Two, by adding exercise to your daily routine.  The other way, which is gaining popularity is losing weight by taking weight management programs. Coupled with regular exercise is taking a special diet that will fast-track weight loss. A good example of this weight loss program is called Optifast VCLD.

What is Optifast VCLD?

It is a weight management program divided into four phases. Each phase will require a specific calorie to help you start to burn stored fat rather than energy from food.

How does Optifast work?

It works by reducing your calorie intake below 800 calories a day. The average adult uses around 2,000 calories a day. This will then allow your body to draw from its own fat storage instead of getting the calories from the food that you eat. Just like with any diet program, you are advised to discuss with your doctor what is the most appropriate phase for you to take. If you are going to follow all the four phases, during phase 1 all calories will be coming from the Optifast selection. And as you progress in losing weight, this will be replaced with a regular meal.

What are the different products in the Optifast VCLD Diet?

One of the most convenient selections in the Optifast Program are the shakes. It comes in various flavours that are all delicious and tasty. There are several flavours to choose from: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and very recently the introduction of Optifast Banana. It also comes in soups, energy bars as well as desserts. All of these products are low in calorie and GI.

Optifast VCLD Range

What is so special about the Optifast Diet?

Most diet programs available in the market will get you started excited and hopeful. But once you learn about the monotony of food offerings it will make you feel bored and tired in the middle of the program. Unlike Optifast VCLD weight management program, it will definitely stir your interest up to the end of the course.


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