5 Reasons to Try the Optifast Weight Management Program

5 Reasons to Try the Optifast Weight Management Program

Have you heard of the Optifast Weight Management Program? The Optifast Very Low Calorie Diet (VCLD) program is a convenient yet exciting way to lose weight.optifast weight management program

Basically, it works by restricting your daily calories so you begin to burn stored fat for energy instead of food.

Who is recommended to take the Optifast Weight Management Program?

There are a number of reasons why people need to lose weight. Some people suffer from medical conditions that are related directly to their weight. So, even if you think you are not overweight, you may still need to lose weight. Below are some other cases where people can be recommended to take Optifast VCLD diet program.

Adults who are obese

Obesity is simply defined as a person that is more than 20% over their ideal weight. It must take into account height, age, gender and general build of the person. However, there is a more precise definition of obesity and that is someone with a BMI of 30 and above. We will define BMI later.

Individuals with a BMI more than 27

optifast weight management program
Manage those unwanted calories.

Individuals who have a BMI of more than 27 with additional risks factors associated with excess weight. These risk factors are hypertension, non-insulin dependent diabetes (Type 2), and high cholesterol.

Those who often fail in dieting or exercising alone

Optifast may also be helpful for those who have a history of falling off the wagon when it comes to dieting and exercising alone. There are times when no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to lose weight with a simple diet and exercise program. There might be a need for a drastic change in our food intake and so Optifast Weight Management Program can help to jump start your weight loss.

What is BMI or Body Mass Index?

BMI or Body Mass Index is found by calculating the person’s weight in kilograms(kg) divided by their height in meters(m) squared. It is the relationship of body weight to height. Since we are computing the body weight to height, it may also be wise to assume the relationship with total body fat content. However, we take the case of a muscular individual with high BMI but without undue health risks as a separate case.

What are the various product offerings in the Optifast VCLD weight management program?

You will be amazed by how varied and exciting the many options available if you participate in the Optifast Weight Management Program. You can choose from soups and the classic weight loss shakes. These come in 4 delicious flavours; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana. There is also a selection of tasty bars for on the go meal replacements as well as soup for a hearty meal alternative. And of course, the desserts so you can still have a little sweet treat! All of these are low calorie and low GI.

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5 Main Reasons To Choose the Optifast Diet Program


The first reason is I guess the most obvious one. With the variations it offers, who wouldn’t want to try this program. It is like eating your own prepared meal, except you are getting the added benefit of losing weight in a healthy and calculated manner.


The second reason is you will not get bored and tired with this program.  Enough reason for you to continue and not quit in the middle. Again, this has a lot to do with the variety of products.  You can choose what you want to eat from the selection of products,  so your palette will not get tired of eating what Optifast can offer.


The third is the cost consideration. Some diet programs are very expensive because you will be asked to prepare a certain type of food. And this will mean special ingredients. With Optifast diet, you only consume what is included in the package. Plus natural food and beverage that are very easy to find and very reasonable in price.


Fourth, it’s convenient and does not require too much effort or energy to prepare. Most products will only need to be mixed in either hot or cold water or eaten as they are.


Finally, is that the Optifast program comes in four phases. This helps ensure the safety and progression of your weight loss. Unlike other diet plans, Optifast does not promise overnight results and does not believe in losing weight instantly. It is a well thought out program that will definitely give you long-term results if maintained in the correct way.

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