How to Have a Home Spa Night with Your Besties and Organic Botanik Pamper Packs.

How to Have a Home Spa Night with Your Besties and Organic Botanik Pamper Packs.

Everybody deserves a little pampering once in a while and spa treatment is one of the best ways to get it. And what better way to treat yourself than to enjoy the company of a few of your best girlfriends who are also keen on a night of pampering. When money is tight, paying a mortgage, or rent or just everyday bills, chances are the likely hood of you all hitting the spa is pretty low. The good thing is you can throw your own spa day from the comforts of your home? So why not set up a facebook event for a spa night, Get your besties  together, pop open a bottle of prosecoo and enjoy a night of pampering with some help from Organic Botanik Pamper Packs. 

What is a Organic Botanik Pamper Packs?

The Organic Botanik Pamper Packs collection are made with super packed ingredients. Super foods like chia seeds and potent antioxidant rosehip oil, plus super detoxifying agent charcoal. The ingredients are chosen from the finest sources to give only pure essences that will surely deliver.

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Relax, Enjoy while you work on your wellbeing…

Aside from getting a massage, spas offer body scrubbing. Body scrubbing helps exfoliate dead skin cells to help reveal a more healthy skin. Why? By eliminating dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, new, softer and healthier skin is revealed and brought out to the surface. It also increases hydration because the skin is now ready to absorb moisturizers more efficiently. Lastly, after dead skin cells are removed, the blemishes are cleared for a more radiant complexion. 

How to throw your own home spa day at home.

  1. Set the day and organise for your besties to come around
  2. Stock up on pamper supplies, wine and snacks
  3. On the day – And let he party begin! Pour on some wine, get your favourite snacks and sit in front of your TV. Enjoy and wait for the products to work their wonders.  
    1. Cleanse your face.
    2. Pop on a hair mask and face mask while you run a relaxing bath.
    3. Have a good soak in the tub infused with delicious Bath Salts.
    4. After you have soaked for a while, get stuck into a beautiful exfoliating scrub to get rid of dead skin.
    5. When you are out of the tub have a moisturise to lock in the moisture.
    6. File down any rough skin on your heels and toes – we love dr Scholl Electric Pedicure Files
    7. Paint your finger nails and toe nails
    8. Lather on some hand cream.
    9. By the end of it, you will be left feeling silky smooth, moisturised and favulous you can melt into a chair and watch a good rom-com on Netflix with a glass of rose. 

So head on to our online store and check out what these Organic Botanik Pamper Packs can do for you.


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