Need to Pop a Pimple? Here’s a Tutorial on How to Pop a Zit Properly

Need to Pop a Pimple? Here’s a Tutorial on How to Pop a Zit Properly

We all get them at some stage of our life– a pimple! And while popping a pimple is never a good idea, sometimes you get those pus filled pimples that you know people are staring at. That you also can’t live with … So, if you must pop a zit here are our top tips for looking after your face.

Tips to safely pop a zit

Do not squeeze if your pimple does not have a head.  If there is no head, there is nowhere for the pressure to release. And it may go deeper into your pore, which may cause more pain, redness, and infection. Try a hot compress to draw a pimple out, or wait until it is ready. 

Clean and sterilise your hands and nails. The last thing you want is an infection on your face. This can draw even more attention to your face. So, if you must pop a zit, make sure to wash your hands and clean your nails properly.

Get a clean tissue and wrap it around your fingers. If you are so eager to pop a zit, make sure that you wrap your fingers with a clean tissue. This will act as a barrier to stop your nails from damaging your skin. Thus, can slow the healing time and increase the risk of infection.

If at all possible, get to a dermatologist for an extraction.  They are trained professionals and can ensure the best possible outcome and least amount of scarring.

What to do after you squeeze

After you pop a zit, follow these simple tips to help  prevent infection that can lead to scarring.

Tip no. 1 –  Apply some antibacterial cream like Crystaderm Cream (previously called Crystacide) with a cotton bud. This will kill any acne causing bacteria and prevent further infection.

Crystaderm Cream 25g

A trusted brand when it comes to acne management. Crystaderm is the strongest antibacterial cream available over the counter. A multi-purpose first aid cream that you can use on several types of minor skin irritations like cuts, scrapes, ingrown hairs or acne.

Crystaderm Cream
Crystaderm Cream 25g

Check out this video for more:.

Tip no. 2 – Be sure to change your facecloths, towels, and pillowcases on a regular basis. And this will help prevent an infection.

Tip no. 3 – Make sure you wash your makeup brushes and sponges on a regular basis. Thus, it will avoid clogging your pores.

Tip no. 4 – Make sure you use a cleanser specially formulated for your skin type. If you are a teenager, there are some great acne cleansers out there. But if you are an adult, make sure you select acne products suited for mature skin; as teenage products can be harsh on your skin.

For teens, we love Benzac AC Wash 5% 200ml

This has the same active ingredient as Proactiv. It quickly and effectively treats mild to moderate acne problems by absorbing oil from the skin without drying it. And it also decreases bacteria by up to 94% in just 2 days; thus, helps make skin feel soft.

Benzac AC Wash 5%
Benzac AC Wash 5% 200ml

For more mature skin, we love Epiology Anti Acne Foaming Pre Wash 110ml

Used to gently cleanse the skin, it removes excess oil build up. And kills bacteria that cause acne. It has added moisturisers plus it is pH balanced to minimise the harsh effects on the skin. Thus, making it ideal for a more mature skin.

Epiology Anti Acne Foaming Pre Wash
Epiology Anti Acne Foaming Pre Wash 110ml



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Over to you… any tips for dealing with pimples?  We would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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