7 Simple and Practical Tips to Prevent Skin Infections

7 Simple and Practical Tips to Prevent Skin Infections

Mothers dread their children getting skin infections. But no matter how much care we take of our children, it may be impossible to prevent skin infections from happening. Children are just prone to developing cuts and scrapes… It is all part of growing up and learning especially when they reach school age. Therefore mothers should be equipped with the next best defense, which is a preventive measure.

How do you know if your child has a skin infection?

Skin infections are caused by either a bacteria, fungus or virus. Its main characteristics are rashes that are normally present only on the infected part. Fever, chills, and swelling of the skin specific to the affected areas can also occur. You can experience skin pain/redness/tenderness/warmth, pus draining from the skin, itchiness, and a burning sensation around the affected area.

How to prevent skin infections?

The first line of defense is to increase immunity. A healthy body will try to fight any kind of organism that is trying to invade the system. It is, therefore, important that we know how to increase our children’s immunity in order to help them fight whatever invasion they encounter. Here are some tips:

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Eat Healthy

Eating healthy whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains are all essential in building a healthy immune system. It will also help if you avoid sugary and fat-laden foods. These do not help the body fight diseases, they contribute to aggravating symptoms of illnesses.

Get Enough Rest

We must also encourage them to rest to increase their resistance. It is easier for the infection to take hold if the body is not completely rested. It is during night sleep that the body recharges and recuperates so if we are lacking in it, the body will not be able to recover from the day’s activity.

Keep Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is another easy way of preventing skin infections. Water is the most practical way to cleanse the system of toxins and other impurities. This includes organisms that usually cause skin infections.

Take a Bath Regularly

Taking a bath regularly and keeping our body clean at all times is another simple way to prevent skin infections. If our body is constantly free of germs and dirt, it is harder for it to enter our system through cuts and lesions. As compared to when our body is always full of dirt and debris. We are more susceptible to developing skin infections if our body is not kept clean at all times.

Wash Hands Regularly

Keep our hands clean at all times to prevent skin infections. Frequent hand washing is a surefire preventive measure in developing skin infections. But washing alone is not enough. You have to develop the habit of washing with soap and water and thoroughly cleaning the hands so no germs or dirt remains on your hands. It doesn’t hurt to apply a hand sanitizer if we are in a situation where we can’t wash our hands frequently. This way, we still keep our hands clean even in the absence of soap and water.

Clean Open Wounds

Immediately clean cuts or any forms of breaks in the skin. Once your child or you get any cuts, you must wash it with soap and thoroughly rinse with water. You must also ensure that the surrounding area is clean to prevent the spread of germs on the affected wound.

Apply an Antiseptic

It will also help if to apply an antiseptic or antibiotic ointment to the cut, wound or abrasion as well as to the surrounding area of the skin. This will assist in the prevention of skin infections because it will instantly kill the bacteria that is attempting to invade the cut.

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