Prevent Travel Sickness this Summer

Prevent Travel Sickness this Summer

Summer time is an exciting season with the festive mood all around us. It is the time of year when we go to the beach, party left, right and centre, and have reunions and gatherings. But of course its the time of year that also means travelling with our children and embarking on those long holiday trips. However, too much travelling combined with rich foods and long winding roads can lead to travel sickness.

What is travel sickness?

Travel sickness, sometimes referred to as motion sickness, happens when there is a disturbance of the inner ear that is usually caused by a repeated motion. Examples of these are: swelling of the sea, movement of a car or any vehicle, motion of a plane in turbulent air, etc. These repeated movements affect the organs of balance and equilibrium, as well as the sense of spatial orientation.

When does travel sickness occur?

The brain is where motion is sensed by the body through three different pathways of the nervous system:

  1. The inner ear – sensing motion, acceleration and gravity
  2. The eyes for vision
  3. Deeper tissues of the body surface called proprioceptors.

Motion or travel sickness happens to a person who experiences conflict between what the eyes see versus what the brain perceived. And this usually happens when we travel. Our eyes are seeing movement but our body is static and simply seated in the car. Because our senses experience conflict, travel sickness or motion sickness takes place. Travel sickness does not occur when we are walking as all three sensory pathways are getting the same signal, so there is no conflict occurring between our senses.

What are the common signs and symptoms experienced with travel sickness?

Nausea, vomiting and dizziness are the most common signs. You may also start to sweat and feel discomfort or not feeling well (malaise).

How can you prevent the onset of travel sickness?

There are many ways to prevent the onset of travel sickness, with the best way being to take all precautions in order to prevent this sickness. The last thing you want to be doing is traveling with a bunch of kids that smell like vomit – this will definitely spoil the fun of your trip.

Here is a quick list to consider:

  • Don’t let your kids eat foods and drinks that you know may trigger motion sickness. Carbonated drinks, and rich and creamy foods are the most common that cause motion sickness. Let them take light and refreshing foods instead, such as fresh fruit and carbohydrate-rich food. These are light and can be easily digested.
  • Let them get enough rest so that they feel good while traveling.
  • Let your children’s seat face in front and high enough so they can look out of the window.
  • It is also best to the one who is most prone to getting motion sickness sit right next to the window. This will allow them to get fresh air.
  • Bring some toys that can occupy their attention. But don’t let them read or play video games as these can easily trigger the onset of motion sickness.
  • If you are travelling on a long and winding road, it is best to take the most effective precautionary measure. Give your child an anti-sickness medicine the night before the trip or just before your leave.

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