MYHD Colour Remover: Remove Dark Hair Dye Without Going Orange

MYHD Colour Remover: Remove Dark Hair Dye Without Going Orange

I can still remember the misery of my 16th birthday.  After a botched attempt at lightening my hair the night before. I had decided to lighten my jet black dyed hair back to a light brown/blond colour. So I went to my local store and bought the strongest bleach/hair lightener I could find. Then I began the application. I was MORTIFIED to see 45 minutes later that my previous black hair had turned BRIGHT ORANGE. And the worse is the regrowths are WHITE blonde.

What if I told you that you could strip the permanent colour you had coloured your hair with? But with out stripping your natural colour from underneath?

The thing was,  NO ONE TOLD ME  that you can not lighten over black hair dye with bleach or it will turn orange.  I am just so glad to learn that hair colour remover technology has come a long way. And there are ways to stop your hair turning into a mottled orange mess. Thanks to MYHD colour remover.

How to bleach dark hair without it turning orange?

After you take the colour out, what you are left with is your natural hair colour. You did not strip your hair off its natural shine. And it only takes 20 minutes to apply and develop. After this, the result is a healthy, conditioned, fresh and all set to go for the next colour session.

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MYHD Colour RemoverCheck out these results:
Before Colour
Before Colour
After using the remover

Well with MYHD colour remover you can. It works by dissolving the links that hold the colour molecules into your hair and leaves behind your natural colour. After you take the colour out you are left with your natural colour… without stripping your hair of its natural shine.




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