Get Flawless Skin: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation is Now in Store

Get Flawless Skin: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation is Now in Store

Have you ever had a friend snap a photo, and when you look at it you feel down about how cloudy and awful your skin looks? This has happened to me a couple of times after a day at work. My friends and I love to hang out after work and we love to take photos to post on social media. But there are days when my makeup is worn out and the photos look really bad. It is so embarrassing to post them on social media. But then I discovered Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and makeup.

How does Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and makeup help me look more photo ready?

This makeup is great for keeping your skin looking fresh and photo worthy. And what’s even better is you get this look with very minimal effort. Revlon has you totally covered with the PhotoReady range because it delivers foundations, BB Creams, and powders for whatever coverage you prefer.

Are you looking for a foundation that will make your skin look flawless in photos?

Revlon PhotoReady foundation and makeup range have been developed for people who love taking selfies or love posting their photos on social media. This product is developed with you in mind because by using Revlon PhotoReady range of makeups, you look smashing each time you take a snapshot. No need to filter or photoshop your image, you will look simply flawless in a snap!

Watch Halle rocking this Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and makeup in the following video.

What is Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Revlon Photoready makeup has been specially developed to give you an airbrushed finish – without the need for photoshop! Here is the range of makeup and foundation in different shades. Choose the shade that best suits you.

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The Revlon PhotoReady Consists of these products:

  • Primer – This helps create a great canvas to pop your foundation on top of. It corrects redness with its purple hue and helps stop your makeup from melting off during the day.
  • Concealer – Perfect for spots, circles under your eyes or areas you want to smooth over, to give the appearance of flawless skin.
  • Foundation – The perfect foundation for taking photos, it glides on easily, looks very natural and is selfie-ready.
  • Powder – Take your makeup to the next level by finishing it with this powder. Great for touch ups during the day to avoid shine. Comes in translucent or skin tones shades.
  • Blusher – Add a pop of colour to your complexion with a blush or bronzer.
  • Instafix Eyeshadow & Liners – Eyeliners to make your eyes pop, and eye shadows to create shape and compliment your eyes.
  • BB Cream – this is a great multi-purpose option for those days where you want great looking skin, but don’t want the heaviness of a foundation.┬áIt’s great paired with a powder for staying power.

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