Struggling To Find A Semi Permanent Hair Dye? Let MYHD Give You a Hint

Struggling To Find A Semi Permanent Hair Dye? Let MYHD Give You a Hint

Lately I have noticed there is a real shortage of semi permanent hair dye, even the tried and trusted semi permanent Wella Soft Colour seems to be hard to get hold of these days.

Are you struggling to find a semi permanent hair colour in a shade that suits you?

I was happy to discover there is a company out there with a different approach to hair colouring –  MYHD or My Hair Dresser
What is MYHD Hair Colour?

MYHD is a hairdresser quality hair colour made in Italy which you mix at home to get the results you want.

  • It can be used as a permanent hair colour by using a Volume 20, Volume 30 or Volume 40 developer.
  • Or as a Semi Permanent (Demi Permanent) by using a No Lift Developer. (Remember you can not lighten your colour with a semi permanent as you need a developer with lightening agents in it to permanently lift the colour from your hair in order to achieve a lighter shade.

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FIRST You Choose a Colour: There are a number of colour shades and from light to dark and bright to subtle.

SECOND You Choose A Developer:

What is a NO LIFT developer?

No lift developer deposits colour making it only ideal for going light to dark. When you mix your NO LIFT DEVELOPER with a MYHD Hair Colour Tube it turns into a Semi Permanent/ Demi Permanent hair colour.

How long will the Demi Permanent/Semi Permanent Colour last?

Which lasts around 8 to 12 weeks!

How do I use MYHD as a Semi Permanent Hair Dye?

Step One: Select the colour.

Select the desired MYHD Colour and the MYHD No Lift Colour Developer.

  • This colour should be darker then your current hair colour as the no lift developer will not lighten your hair – instead it works to deposit the colour onto your hair.

Step Two: Mix and apply colour500703.jpg

Mix 1 part of hair colour to 1.5 parts of No Lift colour developer in MYHD tint bowl.

  • Apply colour to dry hair.
  • Starting at the regrowth area apply colour carefully and evenly to hair.
  • Massage colour through the hair wearing protective gloves to ensure even coverage.

Step Three: Develop and mix.

  • Once the colour has been applied to the hair, leave for 40 minutes to develop.
  • Once the development has been reached, rinse the hair for 3 to 5 minutes. Use warm water and wait until water runs clear.
  • Condition hair as normal.

Get Your Hair Colour + No Lift Developer (for Semi Permanent Results) + Gloves/Brush and Bowl Set From Our Webstore or speak to one of our friendly staff about MYHD Products.

(You will also find Volume 20, 30 or 40 Developer and Lightening products For Permanent Results on our web store.)

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