How to Shed off Christmas Weight Gain?

How to Shed off Christmas Weight Gain?

shed off fatChristmas is one of the most celebrated holidays. And why shouldn’t it be? It is the time of year when we gather as family and friends to bond till daybreak. But now that it is over I bet you are probably concerned about weight gain. If you are like me, you are raring to get back to your pre-holiday weight and are looking for ways to help shed off those extra pounds.

One plan that never fails me is to cut down on my calorie intake right after the holiday season. This means a shift in diet and an inclusion of a very helpful product that will really help minimize my calorie intake. I am talking about Optifast.

What is Optifast?

It is a meal replacement weight management program that may help to optimize weight loss as there is a variety of products to choose from.

What products are included in Optifast Very Low Calorie Diet?

  • Milk shakes in vanilla, chocolate, banana, coffee and strawberry flavours
  • Energy bars in berry crunch, chocolate, coffee flavours
  • Soups in vegetable and chicken flavours
  • Dessert in chocolate and lemon flavours

How does it work?

By reducing your calorie intake below 800 calories a day, your body will be drawing on your own fat storage in order to convert it to energy. This means that more fat will be burnt from your own body’s storage.

Why is Optifast Very Low Calorie Diet deemed to be successful?

Experts say that one of the reasons why a weight management program is often not effective is because of taste fatigue. People who go on a diet get tired of the routinary diet food they eat every single day. But with Optifast, you can be assured that this problem is not going to happen. With the variety it offers, you can choose, combine and mix and match to help keep your goal on track.

If you are raring to shed off your weight gain this Christmas, take my friendly advice and take the Optifast VLCD weight management program. To learn more about this product, jump right on to our website.

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